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29 Jul 2005

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the santos dumont air ship rounding eiffel tower
'The Santos Dumont Air-ship rounding the Eiffel Tower, on October 19th 1901', (c1910)
adolphus frederick duke cambridge 1774 1850
Adolphus Frederick, Duke of Cambridge (1774-1850), English prince, 1838. Artist: Unknown
wireless officer sending message morse code board ship
Wireless officer sending a message by Morse Code from on board a ship, 1916. Artist
ludgate hill london 1872 artist unknown
'Ludgate Hill', London, 1872. Artist: Unknown
john howard english prison reformer c1780 c1880
John Howard, English prison reformer, c1780 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
adventure silver blaze holmes questioning suspect
The Adventure of Silver Blaze, Holmes questioning a suspect. Artist: Sidney E Paget
charles wesley 18th century english preacher
Charles Wesley, 18th century English preacher and hymn writer. Artist: Unknown
john stuart mill british social reformer philosopher
John Stuart Mill, British social reformer and philosopher, 1873. Artist: Spy
florence nightingale english nurse hospital reformer
Florence Nightingale, English nurse and hospital reformer, c1850s Artist: Unknown
count otto von bismarck prusso german statesman 1870
Count Otto von Bismarck, Prusso-German statesman, 1870. Artist: Unknown
scene old st pauls william harrison ainsworth 1855
Scene from Old St Paul's by William Harrison Ainsworth, 1855. Artist: John Franklin
scotland ever charge scots greys waterloo
'Scotland for Ever'; the charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo, 18 June 1815
childhood/scene gullivers travels jonathan swift 1911
Scene from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, 1911. Artist: AE Jackson
yalta conference allied leaders world war ii
Yalta Conference of Allied leaders, World War II, 4-11 February 1945. Artist: Unknown
siege yorktown 1781 c1836 artist auguste
'Siege of Yorktown', 1781 (c1836). Artist: Auguste Couder
best british/elizabeth i queen england ireland c1588 artist
Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Ireland, c1588. Artist: George Gower
best british/robert falcon scott british antarctic explorer
Robert Falcon Scott, British Antarctic explorer, 1914
st louis gonzaga italian saint protector young
St Louis of Gonzaga, Italian saint and protector of young students, 19th century. Artist
trinity father son holy spirit 19th century
The Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
giuseppe garibaldi italian patriot c1864 artist
Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian patriot, c1864 Artist: Unknown
illustration travels legendary english knight
Illustration from the travels of the legendary English knight Sir John Mandeville, c1372
adam eve expelled garden eden artist unknown
Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden. Artist: Unknown
entry alexander great babylon 331 bc 18th
'Entry of Alexander the Great into Babylon', 331 BC, (18th century). Artist
icon mary mother god russian 17th century artist
Icon of Mary the Mother of God, Russian, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
st joseph jesus son walking hand in hand 18th
St Joseph and Jesus, his son, walking hand-in-hand, 18th century. Artist: Unknown
grand procession criminals sentenced inquisition
Grand procession of criminals sentenced by the Inquisition of Lisbon, 18th century
shiva gods hindu trinity trimurti consort parvati
Shiva, one of the gods of the Hindu trinity (trimurti) with his consort Parvati, c19th century
brahma first god hindu trinity trimurti creator
Brahma, first god of the Hindu trinity (trimurti), and creator of the universe, c19th century
statue seated man said herodotus ancient greek
Statue of seated man said to be Herodotus, Ancient Greek historian. Artist: Unknown
alexander great macedonian king soldier artist
Alexander the Great, Macedonian king and soldier. Artist: Unknown
voltaire french author epitome enlightenment
Voltaire, French author and epitome of the Enlightenment, 18th century. Artist: Anon
trial spanish inquisition progress madrid 1759
Trial by the Spanish Inquisition in progress in Madrid, 1759. Artist: Anon
jesus disciples supper 19th century artist
Jesus and his Disciples at the Last Supper, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
st bridget 19th century artist anon
St Bridget, 19th century. Artist: Anon
battle alexander porus 326 bc mid late 17th
'Battle between Alexander and Porus', 326 BC, (mid to late 17th century). Artist
baptism jesus john baptist armenian evangelistery
Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, from Armenian Evangelistery. Artist: Unknown
lime kilns 1872 artist unknown
Lime kilns, 1872. Artist: Unknown
suppression religious orders french revolution
Suppression of religious orders during the French Revolution, late 18th century. Artist
nezami persian poet recounting story alexander great
Nezami, Persian poet, recounting the story of Alexander the Great, 12th century (18th century)
vishnu gods hindu trinity trimurti c19th century
Vishnu, one of the gods of the Hindu trinity (trimurti), c19th century
cover frankenstein mary shelley late 19th century
Cover of Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
depiction st francis xavier 1506 1552 missionary
Depiction of St Francis Xavier (1506-1552), missionary who founded Jesuit order, 19th century
battle arbela 331 bc 17th century artist
The Battle of Arbela, 331 BC, (17th century). Artist: Charles le Brun
christ walking water 1840 artist aleksandr
'Christ Walking on the Water', (1840?). Artist: Aleksandr Ivanov
sisygambismistakes hephistion hephaestion
'Sisygambis...Mistakes Hephistion (Hephaestion) for Alexander the Great', 18th century
execution guillotine louis xvi france paris
Execution by guillotine of Louis XVI of France, Paris, 21 January 1793 (1790s). Artist
baptism jesus st john baptist artist unknown
Baptism of Jesus by St John the Baptist. Artist: Unknown
burning heretics sentenced inquisition 1759 artist
Burning of heretics sentenced by the Inquisition, 1759. Artist: Anon
maria sibylla merian german naturalist flower painter
Maria Sibylla Merian, German naturalist and flower painter. Artist: William Home Lizars
sectional view german mine 1556 artist unknown
Sectional view of a German mine, 1556. Artist: Unknown
draining using series suction pumps powered water
Draining a mine using a series of suction pumps powered by a water wheel, 1556. Artist
persian spearman 5th century bc artist unknown
Persian spearman, 5th century BC. Artist: Unknown
mail coach attacked native american indians 1867
Mail coach attacked by Native American Indians, 1867. Artist: Unknown
steerage passengers atlantic steamer bound america
Steerage passengers on an Atlantic steamer bound for America, c1850. Artist: Unknown
witch raising storm 1562 artist unknown
Witch raising a storm, 1562. Artist: Unknown
combat roland ferragus c1820 artist antonio
Combat between Roland and Ferragus, c1820. Artist: Antonio Verico
scene bleak house charles dickens 1852 1853 artist
Scene from Bleak House by Charles Dickens, 1852-1853. Artist: Hablot Knight Browne
scene posthumous papers pickwick club charles dickens
Scene from The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club by Charles Dickens, 1836-1837
scene old curiosity shop charles dickens 1841
Scene from The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens, 1841. Artist: Hablot Knight Browne
scene great expectations charles dickens london
Scene from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, (London c1870). Artist: Charles Green
scene nicholas nickelby charles dickens 1838 1839
Scene from Nicholas Nickelby by Charles Dickens, 1838-1839. Artist: Hablot Knight Browne
scene robinson crusoe daniel defoe 1892 artist
Scene from Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, 1892. Artist: John Dawson Watson
chapel stanton harcourt oxfordshire c1800 artist
The Chapel at Stanton Harcourt, in Oxfordshire', c1800. Artist: Unknown
scene scenes clerical life george eliot 1883
Scene from Scenes of Clerical Life by George Eliot, 1883. Artist: Robert Brown
brookbank shotter mill surrey home british novelist
Brookbank, Shotter Mill, Surrey, the home of British novelist, George Eliot, 1882
scene silas marner george eliot 1882 artist
Scene from Silas Marner by George Eliot, 1882. Artist: Mary L Gow
scene the floss george eliot c1880 artist walter james
Scene from The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot, c1880. Artist: Walter-James Allen
title page the floss george eliot c1880 artist
Title page of The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot, c1880. Artist: Walter-James Allen
title page adam bede george eliot c1885 artist
Title page of Adam Bede by George Eliot, c1885. Artist: William Small
scene adam bede george eliot c1885 artist william
Scene from Adam Bede by George Eliot, c1885. Artist: William Small
robert louis stevenson samoa c1890 artist
Robert Louis Stevenson in Samoa, c1890. Artist: Unknown
first interview 1786 deacon brodie george smith 1788
The First Interview in 1786' between Deacon Brodie and George Smith, 1788. Artist
scene strange case dr jekyll mr hyde robert louis
Scene from The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1927
aldwinkle northamptonshire birthplace john dryden
Aldwinkle, Northamptonshire, birthplace of John Dryden. (1631-1700), c1846. Artist
english landscape cottage stream 1860 artist
'English Landscape with Cottage and Stream', 1860
thomas denman lst baron denman 1820 artist
Thomas Denman, lst Baron Denman, 1820. Artist: Anon
lady anne hamilton 1820 artist anon
Lady Anne Hamilton, 1820. Artist: Anon
matthew wood 1820 artist anon
Matthew Wood, 1820. Artist: Anon
john skelton c1460 1529 16th century artist
John Skelton, (c1460-1529), 16th century. Artist: Anon
unitarian chapel rochdale 1876 artist unknown
Unitarian Chapel, Rochdale, 1876. Artist: Unknown
duke cambridge presenting crimean medal french
The Duke of Cambridge presenting the Crimean Medal to French soldiers, 1856. Artist
walter besant c1901 artist anon
Walter Besant, c1901. Artist: Anon
last effort fall tippoo sultan 1799 mid 19th
'Last Effort and Fall of Tippoo Sultan' (1799), mid 19th century. Artist: Unknown
the surrender sons tipoo sultan 1792 c1860
'The Surrender of two Sons of Tipoo Sultan' (1792), c1860. Artist: Unknown
lovers 16th century artist anon
Two lovers, 16th century. Artist: Anon
battle tchernaya 1855 artist unknown
The Battle of Tchernaya, 1855. Artist: Unknown
scene siege sevastopol sebastapol 1855 artist
Scene during the Siege of Sevastopol (Sebastapol), 1855. Artist: Unknown
fall sevastopol sebastopol 1855 artist anon
The fall of Sevastopol (Sebastopol), 1855. Artist: Anon
robert henry sale c1845 artist unknown
Robert Henry Sale, c1845. Artist: Unknown
major general robert henry sale mortally wounded
Major-General Robert Henry Sale mortally wounded at Moodkee (Mudkhi), 1845. Artist
henry pu i c1910 artist anon
Henry P'u-i, c1910. Artist: Anon
mehemet ali c1769 1849 mid 19th century artist
Mehemet 'Ali (c1769-1849), mid 19th century. Artist: Anon
lionel nathan rothschild baron rothschild c1880
Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, Baron Rothschild, c1880. Artist: Anon
funerary boat painted wood 9th dynasty ancient egypt
Funerary boat of painted wood, 9th Dynasty, Ancient Egypt, 2232-2140 BC. Artist: Anon
esther presence ahasuerus 1866 artist gustave
Esther in the presence of Ahasuerus, 1866. Artist: Gustave Dore
caroline chisholm addressing crowd emigrant ship
Caroline Chisholm addressing a crowd from the emigrant ship 'Ballengeich', 1852
camille desmoulins 1760 1794 1895 artist
Camille Desmoulins (1760-1794), 1895. Artist: Anon
arthur wellesley 1st duke wellington c1803 artist
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, c1803. Artist: Unknown
john howard 1726 1790 1883 artist anon
John Howard (1726-1790), 1883. Artist: Anon


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