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the santos dumont air ship rounding eiffel tower
'The Santos Dumont Air-ship rounding the Eiffel Tower, on October 19th 1901', (c1910)
adolphus frederick duke cambridge 1774 1850
Adolphus Frederick, Duke of Cambridge (1774-1850), English prince, 1838. Artist: Unknown
wireless officer sending message morse code board ship
Wireless officer sending a message by Morse Code from on board a ship, 1916. Artist
ludgate hill london 1872 artist unknown
'Ludgate Hill', London, 1872. Artist: Unknown
john howard english prison reformer c1780 c1880
John Howard, English prison reformer, c1780 (c1880). Artist: Unknown
adventure silver blaze holmes questioning suspect
The Adventure of Silver Blaze, Holmes questioning a suspect. Artist: Sidney E Paget
charles wesley 18th century english preacher
Charles Wesley, 18th century English preacher and hymn writer. Artist: Unknown
john stuart mill british social reformer philosopher
John Stuart Mill, British social reformer and philosopher, 1873. Artist: Spy
florence nightingale english nurse hospital reformer
Florence Nightingale, English nurse and hospital reformer, c1850s Artist: Unknown
count otto von bismarck prusso german statesman 1870
Count Otto von Bismarck, Prusso-German statesman, 1870. Artist: Unknown
scene old st pauls william harrison ainsworth 1855
Scene from Old St Paul's by William Harrison Ainsworth, 1855. Artist: John Franklin
scotland ever charge scots greys waterloo
'Scotland for Ever'; the charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo, 18 June 1815
childhood/scene gullivers travels jonathan swift 1911
Scene from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, 1911. Artist: AE Jackson
yalta conference allied leaders world war ii
Yalta Conference of Allied leaders, World War II, 4-11 February 1945. Artist: Unknown
siege yorktown 1781 c1836 artist auguste
'Siege of Yorktown', 1781 (c1836). Artist: Auguste Couder
best british/elizabeth i queen england ireland c1588 artist
Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Ireland, c1588. Artist: George Gower
the hermitage vancouleurs 1819 artist fleury francois
'The Hermitage of Vancouleurs', 1819. Artist: Fleury-Francois Richard
animalcules observed anton van leeuwenhoek c1795
'Animalcules' observed by Anton van Leeuwenhoek, c1795. Artist: Unknown
emmeline pankhurst arrested superintendent rolfe
Emmeline Pankhurst arrested by Superintendent Rolfe outside Buckingham Palace, London, May 1914
mrs emmeline pankhurst english suffragette early
Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst, English suffragette, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
bonnie scotland sheet music cover c1860 artist
Bonnie Scotland, sheet music cover, c1860. Artist: T Packer
emmeline christabel pankhurst english suffragettes
Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst, English suffragettes, in prison dress, 1908. Artist
woodman c late 19th century artist m n
The Woodman, c late 19th century. Artist: M & N Hanhart
henry havelock british soldier c1857 artist
Henry Havelock, British soldier, c1857. Artist: Unknown
victoria mary louisa duchess kent 1832 artist
Victoria Mary Louisa, Duchess of Kent, 1832. Artist: J Cochran
scene shakespeares othello 19th century artist
Scene from Shakespeare's Othello, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
scene shakespeares hamlet 19th century artist
Scene from Shakespeare's Hamlet, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
interior swan theatre bankside london 1596
Interior of the Swan Theatre, Bankside, London, 1596. Artist: Aernout van Buchel
charles dickens 1812 70 giving public reading
Charles Dickens (1812-70) giving his last public reading at St James's Hall, London
charles dickens 1812 70 english novelist journalist
Charles Dickens (1812-70), English novelist and journalist, July 1858. Artist: Unknown
andrew carnegie scottish born american philanthropist
Andrew Carnegie, Scottish-born American philanthropist and industrialist, 1903. Artist
william orange landing army torbay devon 5 november
William of Orange landing with his army at Torbay, Devon, 5 November 1688. Artist
fresco villa mysteries pompeii italy c1st century
Fresco from the Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii, Italy, c1st century BC-1st century AD
execution maximilian emperor mexico 19 june 1867
Execution of Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico, 19 June 1867. Artist: Unknown
jean henri fabre french entomologist c1890 1915
Jean-Henri Fabre, French entomologist, c1890-1915. Artist: Unknown
jean henri fabre french entomologist c early
Jean-Henri Fabre, French entomologist, c early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
cover booklet entomology 1933 artist unknown
Cover of a booklet on entomology, 1933. Artist: Unknown
title page treasure island robert louis stevenson
Title page of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1886. Artist: Unknown
treasure island robert louis stevenson 1886
Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1886. Artist: Unknown
cover treasure island robert louis stevenson 1886
Cover of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1886. Artist: Unknown
wells fargo messenger express delivery service
A Wells Fargo messenger from their Express Delivery service via the Isthmus of Panama, 1875
loading horse drawn vans wells fargo general office
Loading up horse-drawn vans at the Wells Fargo general office, New York, USA, 1875
duomo florence italy artist unknown
The Duomo, Florence, Italy. Artist: Unknown
julius caesar roman soldier statesman artist
Julius Caesar, Roman soldier and statesman. Artist: Unknown
map florence 15th century artist unknown
Map of Florence, 15th century. Artist: Unknown
jane seymour wife henry viii c1536 19th century
Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII, c1536, (19th century?). Artist: Unknown
roman chariot race circus maximus 20th century
A Roman chariot race, The Circus Maximus, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
catherine aragon first wife henry viii c1530
Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII, c1530, (early 20th century?). Artist
david lloyd george british liberal statesman c1915
David Lloyd George, British Liberal statesman, c1915. Artist: Unknown
joan arc country girl who led king victory 20th
Joan of Arc, The Country girl who led a king to victory, 20th century
charles dickens addressing meeting london 1856
Charles Dickens addressing a meeting, London, 1856. Artist: Unknown
charles dickens english novelist journalist c1836
Charles Dickens, English novelist and journalist, c1836. Artist: Unknown
charles dickens english novelist journalist
Charles Dickens, English novelist and journalist, c1860s Artist: Unknown
charles dickens giving after dinner speech c1860s
Charles Dickens giving an after-dinner speech, c1860s. Artist: Unknown
ladies gentlemen playing la bouillotte france
Ladies and gentlemen playing La Bouillotte, France, c1804-1814. Artist: Unknown
captain james cook taking possession new south
Captain James Cook taking possession of New South Wales in the name of the British Crown, 1770
herbert henry asquith british liberal statesman
Herbert Henry Asquith, British Liberal statesman, c1913. Artist: Unknown
david lloyd george british liberal statesman c1918
David Lloyd George, British Liberal statesman, c1918. Artist: Unknown
torturing prisoner rack middle ages artist
Torturing a prisoner on the rack, Middle Ages. Artist: Unknown
duomo campanile florence italy artist unknown
The Duomo and Campanile, Florence, Italy. Artist: Unknown
remains roman sanctuary torre argentina rome
Remains of a Roman sanctuary, Via Torre Argentina, Rome. Artist: Unknown
gold lapis lazuli funerary mask tutankhamun king
Gold and lapis lazuli funerary mask of Tutankhamun, King of Egypt, c1323 BC. Artist
great sphinx night gizeh egypt artist unknown
The Great Sphinx at night, Gizeh, Egypt. Artist: Unknown
scene oliver twist charles dickens 1837 artist
Scene from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, 1837. Artist: George Cruikshank
lillie langtry cleopatra c1890 artist unknown
Lillie Langtry as Cleopatra, c1890. Artist: Unknown
the deer hunt 4th century bc artist anon
'The Deer Hunt', 4th century BC. Artist: Anon
ahura mazda persepolis c500 bc artist anon
Ahura Mazda, Persepolis, c500 BC. Artist: Anon
nisroch assyrian god mid 19th century artist
Nisroch, Assyrian god, mid 19th century. Artist: Unknown
jesus teaching synagogue c1897 artist james
Jesus teaching in the Synagogue, c1897. Artist: James Tissot
deliveries collections taking place wells fargo depot
Deliveries and collections taking place at Wells Fargo depot, New York, USA, 1875
miners washing gold californian gold fields 1853
Miners washing for gold in the Californian gold fields, 1853. Artist: Unknown
prospectors way californian gold fields 1853
Prospectors on their way to the Californian gold fields, 1853. Artist: Unknown
mining prospector californian gold fields 1853
Mining prospector in the Californian gold fields, 1853. Artist: Unknown
miners californian gold fields relaxing log cabin
Miners in the Californian gold fields relaxing in their log cabin at night, 1853. Artist
californian gold miners c1880 artist unknown
Californian gold miners, c1880. Artist: Unknown
panning gold californian gold rush 1849 artist
Panning for gold during the Californian Gold Rush of 1849. Artist: Unknown
gold mining california usa c1868 artist
Gold mining, California, USA, c1868. Artist: Unknown
the californian balloon railway novel way travelling
'The Californian Balloon Railway', a novel way of travelling to the Californian Gold Rush
battle monitor merrimac american civil war
Battle between the 'Monitor' and the 'Merrimac', American Civil War, 1862 (1864)
benjamin franklin american statesman printer
Benjamin Franklin, American statesman, printer and scientist, 19th century. Artist
the hunt dwarfs fresco pompeii c1st century
'The Hunt of the Dwarfs', fresco from Pompeii, c1st century BC-1st century AD
head viking warrior c9th 11th century artist
Head of a Viking warrior, c9th-11th century. Artist: Unknown
daniel lions den roman mosaic 5th century artist
Daniel in the lions' den, Roman mosaic, 5th century. Artist: Unknown
gallo roman mosaic pavement artist unknown
Gallo-Roman mosaic pavement. Artist: Unknown
roman soldiers taking decursio ritual circling
Roman soldiers taking part in decursio, the ritual circling of funeral pyre, c180-196
romans battle barbarians 2nd century artist
Romans in battle against the Barbarians, 2nd century. Artist: Unknown
roman cavalry crossing wooden bridge trajans column
Roman cavalry crossing a wooden bridge, from Trajan's column, Rome, 106-113. Artist
roman legionary sentry duty trajans column rome
Roman legionary on sentry duty, from Trajan's column, Rome, 106-113. Artist: Unknown
monks work manuscripts scriptorium c1900 artist
Monks at work on manuscripts in a scriptorium, c1900. Artist: Unknown
bacchus ancient roman god wine riding tiger
Bacchus, Ancient Roman god of Wine, riding on a tiger, Roman mosaic, 1st or 2nd century
monk work manuscript corner scriptorium 15th century
Monk at work on a manuscript in the corner of a scriptorium, 15th century. Artist
francis lolonois 17th century pirate 1741 artist
Francis Lolonois, 17th century pirate, 1741. Artist: Bonneau
henry morgan 17th century welsh pirate 1741 artist
Henry Morgan, 17th century Welsh pirate, 1741 Artist: Bonneau
roman soldiers making tortoise shields 1605
Roman soldiers making a 'tortoise' with their shields, 1605. Artist: Unknown
roman invasion britain 55 54 bc c1820 artist
Roman invasion of Britain, 55-54 BC (c1820). Artist: Unknown
roman soldiers using war engine firing multiple arrows
Roman soldiers using a war engine firing multiple arrows, 1605. Artist: Unknown
roman soldiers operating catapult c1750 artist
Roman soldiers operating a catapult, c1750. Artist: William Henry Toms
roman soldiers 1801 artist unknown
Roman soldiers, 1801. Artist: Unknown
chariot race arena roman mosaic 2nd century
Chariot race in the arena, Roman mosaic, 2nd century. Artist: Unknown


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