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8 Aug 2005

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baroness raymonde delaroche french aviator 1909
Baroness Raymonde Delaroche, French aviator, 1909. Artist: Unknown
grigori rasputin general count mikhail putyatin
Grigori Rasputin, General Count Mikhail Putyatin (right) and Colonel Dmitriy Lotman
baptism jesus raising lazarus 1336 artist
'Baptism of Jesus and the Raising of Lazarus', 1336. Artist: Sargis Pidsak
the death napoleon great 5 may 1821 1825 artist
'The Death of Napoleon the Great', 5 May 1821, 1825. Artist: Unknown
alexander great 356 323 bc 18th century artist
Alexander the Great (356-323 BC), 18th century. Artist: Unknown
george washington 1732 99 1796 artist gilbert
George Washington (1732-99), 1796. Artist: Gilbert Stuart
abraham lincoln 1809 65 c1865 artist currier
Abraham Lincoln (1809-65), c1865. Artist: Currier and Ives
charles ii processing tower london westminster
Charles II Processing from the Tower of London to Westminster, 22 April 1661. Artist
execution louis xvi 1793 artist unknown
Execution of Louis XVI, 1793. Artist: Unknown
the raising lazarus c1268 artist toros
'The Raising of Lazarus', c1268. Artist: T'oros Roslin
jesus raising lazarus days c1280 artist unknown
Jesus raising Lazarus after four days, c1280. Artist: Unknown
miss nightingale military east c1860 artist
'Miss Nightingale and the Military in the East', c1860. Artist: Unknown
florence nightingale barrack hospital scutari c1880
Florence Nightingale in the barrack hospital at Scutari, c1880. Artist: Unknown
florence nightingale 1870 artist unknown
Florence Nightingale, 1870. Artist: Unknown
the lady lamp c1880 artist unknown
'The Lady with the Lamp', c1880. Artist: Unknown
florence nightingale carriage crimea 1856 artist
Florence Nightingale in her carriage in the Crimea, 1856. Artist: Unknown
the nightingales song to sick soldier 1854
'The Nightingale's Song to to the Sick Soldier', 1854. Artist: Unknown
voisin biplane 1910 artist unknown
Voisin biplane, 1910. Artist: Unknown
farman biplane 1 c1912 artist unknown
Farman biplane No 1, c1912. Artist: Unknown
joseph marie jacquard inventor jacquard loom c1850
Joseph-Marie Jacquard, inventor of the Jacquard loom, c1850. Artist: Unknown
post mill 1620 artist unknown
Post mill, 1620. Artist: Unknown
tower mill 1620 artist unknown
Tower mill, 1620. Artist: Unknown
ward hampstead smallpox hospital 1871 artist
Ward in the Hampstead Smallpox Hospital, 1871. Artist: Unknown
barrack hospital scutari crimean war 1854 artist
The barrack hospital at Scutari during the Crimean War, 1854. Artist: Unknown
florence nightingale watching nurse work 1854
Florence Nightingale watching a nurse at work, 1854. Artist: Unknown
rene descartes french philosopher mathematician 1835
Rene Descartes, French philosopher and mathematician, 1835. Artist: Unknown
booklet instructions fantascope 1833 artist
Booklet of instructions for a Fantascope, 1833. Artist: Thomas Mann Baynes
fantascope disc 1833 artist thomas mann baynes
Fantascope disc, 1833. Artist: Thomas Mann Baynes
josiah wedgwood 18th century english industrialist
Josiah Wedgwood, 18th century English industrialist and potter, c1880. Artist: Unknown
nostradamus 16th century french physician astrologer
Nostradamus, 16th century French physician and astrologer, 1725. Artist: Unknown
the jug nightingale 1854 artist unknown
'The Jug of the Nightingale', 1854. Artist: Unknown
florence nightingale hospital scutari c1860 artist
Florence Nightingale in the hospital at Scutari, c1860. Artist: Anon
james prescott joule english physicist c1895
James Prescott Joule, English physicist, c1895. Artist: Unknown
james prescott joule english physicist 1876
James Prescott Joule, English physicist, 1876. Artist: Unknown
james prescott joule english physicist 1889
James Prescott Joule, English physicist, 1889. Artist: Unknown
james prescott joule english physicist 1875
James Prescott Joule, English physicist, 1875. Artist: Unknown
joules apparatus determining mechanical equivalent
Joule's apparatus for determining the mechanical equivalent of heat, 1872. Artist
hindu concept universe c1880 artist anon
Hindu concept of the universe, c1880. Artist: Anon
miners blasting 1879 artist anon
Miners blasting, 1879. Artist: Anon
abdominal cavity contents 1543 artist unknown
Abdominal cavity and its contents, 1543. Artist: Unknown
blowing flood rock 1885 1886 artist anon
Blowing up Flood Rock, 1885, (1886). Artist: Anon
blowing flood rock 1885 artist anon
Blowing up Flood Rock, 1885. Artist: Anon
transit venus 1639 1662 artist johannes
Transit of Venus, 1639, (1662). Artist: Johannes Hevelius
producing indigo dye slave labour west indies
Producing indigo dye with slave labour: West Indies or Central America, 1725. Artist
oscar wilde irish playwright novelist poet wit
Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright, novelist, poet and wit, 1881
ariadne naxos or like wail 1882 artist
'Ariadne in Naxos; or, Very Like a Wail', 1882. Artist: Unknown
pg wodehouse english novelist writer 1937 artist
PG Wodehouse, English novelist and writer, 1937. Artist: Anon
cell library prison fresnes 1907 artist unknown
Cell and library at the prison at Fresnes, 1907. Artist: Unknown
british prison life 1907 artist unknown
British prison life, 1907. Artist: Unknown
reading gaol berkshire england 1844 artist
Reading Gaol, Berkshire, England, 1844. Artist: Unknown
trojans deceived 1830 artist unknown
'Trojans Deceived', 1830. Artist: Unknown
banquet 11th century artist unknown
Banquet, 11th century. Artist: Unknown
vishnu gods hindu trinity trimurti 1828 artist
Vishnu, one of the gods of the Hindu trinity (trimurti), 1828. Artist: Anon
statue hindu evil genie 1828 artist anon
Statue of a Hindu evil genie, 1828. Artist: Anon
the greeks outside troy c1900 artist unknown
'The Greeks outside Troy', c1900. Artist: Unknown
stone relief sargon i standing tree life 24th 23rd
Stone relief of Sargon I standing before a tree of life, 24th-23rd century BC. Artist
ancient egyptian hunting wildfowl throwing stick
Ancient Egyptian hunting wildfowl with a throwing stick, c1350 BC. Artist: Anon
coffin tutankhamun ancient egyptian pharaoh c1325 bc
Coffin of Tutankhamun, Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, c1325 BC. Artist: Anon
funerary mask tutankhamun ancient egyptian pharaoh
Funerary mask of Tutankhamun, Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, c1325 BC. Artist: Anon
government pavilion chicago exhibition 1893
US government pavilion, Chicago Exhibition, 1893. Artist: Unknown
rufus daniel isaacs british lawyer statesman c1902
Rufus Daniel Isaacs, British lawyer and statesman, c1902. Artist: Unknown
king david making burnt offering 16th century
King David making a burnt offering, 16th century. Artist: Anon
prison discipline 1884 artist anon
Prison discipline, 1884. Artist: Anon
moses hiding face 1807 artist anon
Moses hiding his face, 1807. Artist: Anon
knights jousting tournament 12th century c1815
Knights jousting at a tournament, 12th century, (c1815) Artist: Unknown
e edward phillips oppenheim english novelist 1937
E (Edward) Phillips Oppenheim, English novelist, 1937. Artist: Unknown
harriet tubman american anti slavery activist c1913
Harriet Tubman, American anti-slavery activist, c1913. Artist: Unknown
harriet tubman american anti slavery activist c1900
Harriet Tubman, American anti-slavery activist, c1900. Artist: Unknown
illustration poem words owen meredith 1860 artist
Illustration for the poem Last Words by Owen Meredith, 1860. Artist: John Everett Millais
scene all eve twentieth century fox film 1950
Scene from 'All About Eve', Twentieth Century Fox film, 1950
cassandra legendary trojan prophetess 16th century
Cassandra, legendary Trojan prophetess, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
ulysses ogygia 1864 artist noel paton
Ulysses on Ogygia, 1864. Artist: Noel Paton
achilles bandaging wound patroclus c1900 artist
Achilles bandaging the wound of Patroclus, c1900. Artist: Unknown
iphigenia daughter agamemnon king mycenae c1900
Iphigenia, daughter of Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, c1900. Artist: Unknown
saladin c1180 artist unknown
Saladin, c1180. Artist: Unknown
george du maurier british writer artist c1890
George Du Maurier, British writer and artist, c1890. Artist: Unknown
george du maurier british writer artist c1895
George Du Maurier, British writer and artist, c1895. Artist: W&D Downey
cover trilby george du maurier 1894 artist
Front cover of Trilby by George Du Maurier, 1894. Artist: George Du Maurier
knights hospitallers 16th century artist
Knights Hospitallers, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
joan arc c1880 artist unknown
Joan of Arc, c1880. Artist: Unknown
edith cavell pet dogs c1915 artist unknown
Edith Cavell with her pet dogs, c1915. Artist: Unknown
joan arc 1892 artist unknown
Joan of Arc, (1892). Artist: Unknown
scene now voyager warner brothers film 1942
Scene from 'Now, Voyager', Warner Brothers film, 1942. Artist: Irving Rapper
orlandus lassus flemish renaissance composer musician
Orlandus Lassus, Flemish Renaissance composer and musician, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
dr syntax danger 1820 artist thomas
'Dr Syntax in Danger', 1820. Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
rufus daniel isaacs british lawyer statesman 1905
Rufus Daniel Isaacs, British lawyer and statesman, 1905. Artist: Unknown
alfred tennyson 1st baron tennyson english poet
Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson, English poet, c1880. Artist: Unknown
new flower market paris 1874 artist unknown
New Flower Market, Paris, 1874. Artist: Unknown
prisoners clerkenwell house correction london 1874
Prisoners at Clerkenwell House of Correction, London, 1874. Artist: Unknown
february cutting weather 1839 artist george
'February - Cutting Weather', 1839. Artist: George Cruikshank
east room white house washington c1901 artist
East room of the White House, Washington, c1901. Artist: Unknown
pan american exhibition buffalo usa 1901 artist
Pan-American Exhibition at Buffalo, USA, 1901. Artist: Unknown
ida saxton mckinley wife president william mckinley
Ida Saxton McKinley, wife of President William McKinley, c1901. Artist: Unknown
temple music pan american exhibition buffalo 1901
Temple of Music at the Pan-American Exhibition at Buffalo, 1901. Artist: Unknown
transportation australia c1830 artist anon
Transportation to Australia, c1830. Artist: Anon
the convict ship c1820 artist henry adlard
'The Convict Ship', c1820. Artist: Henry Adlard
desiderus erasmus 15th 16th century dutch humanist
Desiderus Erasmus, 15th-16th century Dutch humanist and scholar, 19th century. Artist
return prodigal son 1865 1866 artist gustave
Return of the Prodigal Son, 1865-1866. Artist: Gustave Dore
philipp melanchthon 16th century german protestant
Philipp Melanchthon, 16th century German Protestant reformer, c1850. Artist: Anon


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