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5 Aug 2005

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distillation 1500 artist unknown
Distillation, 1500. Artist: Unknown
gustave hamel british aviation pioneer 1913
Gustave Hamel, British aviation pioneer, 1913. Artist: Unknown
hermann ludwig ferdinand von helmholtz c1900
Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz, c1900. Artist: Unknown
john russell hind hermann goldschmidt robert luther
John Russell Hind, Hermann Goldschmidt and Robert Luther, astronomers, c1900. Artist
medal commemorating pierre janssen norman lockyer
Medal commemorating Pierre Janssen and Norman Lockyer, French and English astronomers, 1868
pierre janssen joseph norman lockyer french english
Pierre Janssen and Joseph Norman Lockyer, French and English astronomers, 1868. Artist
wilhelm haidinger austrian mineralogist geologist
Wilhelm Haidinger, Austrian mineralogist, geologist and physicist, c1871. Artist: Unknown
julius ferdinand hann austrian meteorologist c1921
Julius Ferdinand Hann, Austrian meteorologist, c1921. Artist: Unknown
radcliffe observatory oxford 1862 artist
Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, 1862. Artist: Unknown
manuel john johnson english astronomer 1862
Manuel John Johnson, English astronomer, 1862. Artist: Unknown
gottlieb daimler karl benz german motor industry
Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz, German motor industry pioneers, 1961. Artist: Unknown
merino sheep c1860 artist unknown
Merino sheep, c1860. Artist: Unknown
black faced ram mid 19th century artist william
'Black Faced Ram', mid 19th century. Artist: William Home Lizars
making silk hats 1867 artist anon
Making silk hats, 1867. Artist: Anon
coal mining disaster oaks colliery barnsley
Coal mining disaster, Oaks Colliery, Barnsley, Yorkshire, December 1866. Artist: Anon
cobbler mending boots 1867 artist anon
Cobbler mending boots, 1867. Artist: Anon
coal miner working narrow seam c1864 artist
Coal miner working a narrow seam, c1864. Artist: Anon
coal mining accident tynewydd colliery south wales
Coal mining accident, Tynewydd Colliery, South Wales, April 1877 (c1885)
coal mining accident seaham colliery county durham
Coal mining accident, Seaham Colliery, County Durham, 1880 (c1895). Artist: Anon
early 19th century coal miner working narrow seam
Early 19th century coal miner working a narrow seam, c1868. Artist: Anon
ironer 1822 artist anon
Ironer, 1822. Artist: Anon
gout spider c1835 artist anon
'Gout and the Spider', c1835. Artist: Anon
senses late 16th century artist adriaen
The Five Senses, late 16th century. Artist: Adriaen Collaert
tamar giving birth pharez sarah 16th century
Tamar giving birth to Pharez and Sarah, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
knife grinder 1808 artist william henry pyne
Knife grinder, 1808. Artist: William Henry Pyne
water carrier 1808 artist william henry pyne
Water carrier, 1808. Artist: William Henry Pyne
rabbit seller 1808 artist william henry pyne
Rabbit seller, 1808. Artist: William Henry Pyne
rat hunting 1823 artist unknown
'Rat Hunting', 1823. Artist: Unknown
matlock spa derbyshire late 18th century artist
Matlock Spa, Derbyshire, late 18th century. Artist: Anon
lincolnshire duck decoy c1845 artist unknown
Lincolnshire Duck Decoy, c1845. Artist: Unknown
tailor c1845 artist unknown
Tailor, c1845. Artist: Unknown
ad shaker family pills 1891 artist anon
Advertisement for Shaker Family Pills, 1891. Artist: Anon
the swan goose duck c1850 artist benjamin
'The Swan, Goose and Duck', c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
the dog c1850 artist benjamin waterhouse
'The Dog', c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
the pig c1850 artist benjamin waterhouse
'The Pig', c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
the elephant c1850 artist benjamin waterhouse
'The Elephant', c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
crustacea reptiles c1850 artist robert kent
'Crustacea and Reptiles', c1850. Artist: Robert Kent Thomas
domestic fowl c1850 artist benjamin waterhouse
'Domestic Fowl', c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
the bee c1850 artist benjamin waterhouse
'The Bee', c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
the goat c1850 artist benjamin waterhouse
'The Goat', c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
the ass c1850 artist benjamin waterhouse
'The Ass', c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
the rein deer c1850 artist benjamin waterhouse
'The Rein Deer', c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
the camel c1850 artist benjamin waterhouse
'The Camel', c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
the hare rabbit c1850 artist benjamin waterhouse
'The Hare and the Rabbit', c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
the sheep c1850 artist day haghe
'The Sheep', c1850. Artist: Day & Haghe
fire london 1808 artist thomas rowlandson
'Fire in London', 1808. Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
making beaver hats 1841 artist anon
Making beaver hats, 1841. Artist: Anon
the postmans knock c1855 artist anon
'The Postman's Knock' c1855 . Artist: Anon
paying letter delivery c1870 artist oskar
Paying for letter delivery, c1870 Artist: Oskar Pletsch
there postmans knock 1867 artist anon
'There is the Postman's knock!', 1867. Artist: Anon
shoemaker c1845 artist anon
Shoemaker, c1845. Artist: Anon
making beaver hats 1835 artist anon
Making beaver hats, 1835. Artist: Anon
wilhelm konrad von rontgen german physicist 1902
Wilhelm Konrad von Rontgen, German physicist, 1902. Artist: Anon
finnish russian bath 19th century artist
Finnish or Russian bath, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
silk weaver bethnal green east london 1893
Silk weaver, Bethnal Green, East London, 1893. Artist: Anon
the mur la cote c1855 artist george baxter
'The Mur de la Cote', c1855. Artist: George Baxter
hoxton division 1899 artist stuff
'Hoxton Division', 1899. Artist: Stuff
the railway interest 1875 artist carlo
'The Railway Interest', 1875. Artist: Carlo Pellegrini
interior coal mine 1862 artist unknown
Interior of a coal mine, 1862. Artist: Unknown
iron shipbuilding 1873 artist unknown
'Iron Shipbuilding', 1873. Artist: Unknown
the shaft 1862 artist unknown
'The Bottom of the Shaft', 1862. Artist: Unknown
syntax star gazing c1815 artist thomas
'Syntax Star-gazing', c1815. Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
james hutton scottish geologist 18th century 1875
James Hutton, Scottish geologist, 18th century, (1875). Artist: Unknown
crematorium pere la chaise cemetery paris 1888
Crematorium, Pere la Chaise cemetery, Paris, 1888. Artist: Unknown
madame sophie schliemann 1877 artist unknown
Madame Sophie Schliemann, 1877. Artist: Unknown
heinrich schliemann german archaeologist 1891
Heinrich Schliemann, German archaeologist, 1891. Artist: Unknown
heinrich schliemann lecturing london 1877 artist
Heinrich Schliemann lecturing in London, 1877. Artist: Unknown
antoine laurent lavoisier french chemist 18th
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, French chemist, 18th century, (1835). Artist: Unknown
spitalfields silk weavers 1893 artist enoch
Spitalfields silk weavers, 1893. Artist: Enoch Ward
spitalfields silk weavers 1893 artist anon
Spitalfields silk weavers, 1893. Artist: Anon
coalman 1826 artist unknown
Coalman, 1826. Artist: Unknown
marconi shares scandal 1913 artist leonard
Marconi Shares Scandal, 1913. Artist: Leonard Raven-Hill
interior marconi radio transmitting station 1915
Interior of a Marconi radio transmitting station, 1915. Artist: Unknown
ad kodak brownie box cameras 1900 artist
Advertisement for Kodak 'Brownie' box cameras, 1900. Artist: Unknown
chester water works fields 1852 artist john
'Chester Water Works, from the fields', 1852. Artist: John Romney
female silk worker spitalfields london 1833
Female silk worker, Spitalfields, London, 1833. Artist: Unknown
lavoisiers investigation existence oxygen air
Lavoisier's investigation of the existence of oxygen in the air, late 18th century, (1894)
inside cheshire salt mine 1889 artist unknown
Inside a Cheshire salt mine, 1889. Artist: Unknown
descartes idea hydraulic action nerves 1692
Descartes' idea of the 'hydraulic' action of the nerves, 1692. Artist
napoleons troops defending telegraph tower c1815
Napoleon's troops defending a telegraph tower, c1815, (c1870). Artist: Unknown
building chappe telegraph station c1793 c1870
Building a Chappe telegraph station, c1793, (c1870). Artist: Anon
chappes aerial telegraph system algeria mid 19th
Chappe's aerial telegraph system, Algeria, mid-19th century, (c1870). Artist: Anon
first chappe telegraph message st petersburg
First Chappe telegraph message from St Petersburg, early 19th century, (c1870). Artist
casellis pantelegraph 1865 c1870 artist
Caselli's pantelegraph of 1865, (c1870). Artist: Anon
thomas henry huxley british biologist c1860s
Thomas Henry Huxley, British biologist, c1860s. Artist: Unknown
thomas henry huxley british biologist 1897 artist
Thomas Henry Huxley, British biologist, 1897. Artist: Anon
river landscape rustics horses c1860 artist
'River Landscape with Rustics and Horses', c1860. Artist: Edward Charles Williams
thomas henry huxley british biologist 1866 artist
Thomas Henry Huxley, British biologist, 1866. Artist: Anon
rumfords calorimeter 1887 artist anon
Rumford's calorimeter, 1887. Artist: Anon
using gunpowder stone quarry 1867 artist anon
Using gunpowder in a stone quarry, 1867. Artist: Anon
butter seller 1826 artist unknown
Butter seller, 1826. Artist: Unknown
mackerel seller 1826 artist unknown
Mackerel seller, 1826. Artist: Unknown
prehistoric peeps night lecture evolution 1894
'Prehistoric Peeps: A Night Lecture on Evolution', 1894
lime kilns view clifton near bristol gloucestershire
'Lime Kilns. A View at Clifton near Bristol, Gloucestershire', 1798. Artist
ad kodak cameras 1890 artist unknown
Advertisement for Kodak cameras, 1890. Artist: Unknown
david hume scottish philosopher historian economist
David Hume, Scottish philosopher, historian and economist, 1837. Artist: Unknown
the iron founder rotherham yorkshire 1821
'The Iron Founder', Rotherham, Yorkshire, 1821. Artist: Anon
steamboat clyde near dumbarton c1814 artist
'Steamboat on the Clyde near Dumbarton', c1814. Artist: William Daniell
collieries c1805 artist unknown
Collieries, c1805. Artist: Unknown


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