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4 Aug 2005

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fathers day/the engineer 1867 artist unknown
'The Engineer', 1867. Artist: Unknown
ernest rutherford 1871 1937 nobel prize winning
Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937), Nobel prize-winning atomic physicist, c1908. Artist
train crossing stockport viaduct london north
Train crossing Stockport viaduct on the London & North Western Railway, c1845. Artist
guglielmo marconi italian physicist inventor
Guglielmo Marconi, Italian physicist and inventor and pioneer of wireless telegraphy
charles darwin english naturalist 1871 artist
Charles Darwin, English naturalist, 1871. Artist: Unknown
sectional view telegraph tower claude chappes
Sectional view of a telegraph tower for Claude Chappe's semaphore, 1792, (c1870)
alexander fleming scottish bacteriologist c1930s
Alexander Fleming, Scottish bacteriologist, c1930s. Artist: Unknown
james dewar scottish chemist physicist laboratory
James Dewar, Scottish chemist and physicist in his laboratory, c1890. Artist: Unknown
cabalistic analysis mind senses 1617 artist
The Cabalistic analysis of the mind and the senses, 1617. Artist: Unknown
naturalists dining inside model dinosaur crystal
Naturalists dining inside a model of a dinosaur, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, New Year's Eve
thomas henry huxley british biologist desk 1882
Thomas Henry Huxley, British biologist, at his desk in 1882 (1883). Artist: Unknown
the meeting royal zoological society hanover
'The Meeting of the (Royal) Zoological Society, Hanover Square', London, 1885
thomas henry huxley british biologist c1890
Thomas Henry Huxley, British biologist, c1890. Artist: W&D Downey
scientific institution ye lecture eminent savan
A Scientific Institution. During ye Lecture of an Eminent 'Savan', 1849. Artist
thomas henry huxley british biologist desk c1880
Thomas Henry Huxley, British biologist, at his desk, c1880. Artist: Unknown
joseph dalton hooker english botanist c1880
Joseph Dalton Hooker, English botanist, c1880. Artist: Lock & Whitfield
thomas henry huxley english biologist c1880
Thomas Henry Huxley, English biologist, c1880. Artist: Unknown
thomas henry huxley english biologist 1883 artist
Thomas Henry Huxley, English biologist, 1883. Artist: Unknown
thomas henry huxley english biologist 1877
Thomas, Henry Huxley, English biologist, 1877. Artist: Lock & Whitfield
thomas henry huxley english biologist 1881 artist
Thomas Henry Huxley, English biologist, 1881. Artist: Edward Linley Sambourne
richard owen english zoologist 1884 artist
Richard Owen, English zoologist, 1884. Artist: Edward Linley Sambourne
samuel wilberforce english prelate 1873 artist
Samuel Wilberforce, English prelate, 1873. Artist: Unknown
karl friederich gauss german mathematician astronomer
Karl Friederich Gauss, German mathematician, astronomer and physicist. Artist: Unknown
rhubarb 1823 artist unknown
Rhubarb, 1823 Artist: Unknown
joseph louis lagrange french mathematician 1833
Joseph Louis Lagrange, French mathematician, 1833. Artist: Unknown
nicholas lemery french chemist 1762 artist
Nicholas Lemery, French chemist, 1762. Artist: Unknown
carolus linnaeus 18th century swedish naturalist
Carolus Linnaeus, 18th century Swedish naturalist, 1835. Artist: Unknown
carolus linnaeus swedish naturalist 1732 early
Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish naturalist, 1732 (early 19th century)
antoine lavoisiers apparatus weighing gases 1789
Antoine Lavoisier's apparatus for weighing gases, 1789. Artist: Unknown
antoine lavoisiers apparatus synthesizing water
Antoine Lavoisier's apparatus for synthesizing water from hydrogen (left) and oxygen (right)
justus von liebig german chemist 1866 artist
Justus von Liebig, German chemist, 1866. Artist: Unknown
justus von liebig german chemist c1860 artist
Justus von Liebig, German chemist, c1860. Artist: Unknown
telling time night using nocturnal 1539 artist
Telling time at night using a nocturnal, 1539. Artist: Unknown
method measuring angles cross staff 1636 artist
Method of measuring angles with a cross-staff, 1636. Artist: Unknown
measuring distance ship shore using quadrant
Measuring the distance from ship to shore, using a quadrant marked with shadow-scales, 1598
eddystone lighthouse 19th century artist
Third Eddystone lighthouse, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
observation spiral galaxy canes venatici drawn
Observation of a spiral galaxy in Canes Venatici drawn by Lord Rosse, 1850. Artist
carolus linnaeus 18th century swedish scientist
Carolus Linnaeus, 18th century Swedish scientist and naturalist, 1874. Artist: Unknown
guillaume francois riuelle 18th century french
Guillaume Francois Riuelle, 18th century French chemist, 1874. Artist: Unknown
christopher scheiners illustration idea surface sun
Christopher Scheiner's illustration of his idea of the surface of the sun, 1635
tarpan 1830 artist william home lizars
Tarpan, 1830. Artist: William Home Lizars
measuring altitude sun 1539 artist unknown
Measuring the altitude of the Sun, 1539. Artist: Unknown
title page description use sector edmund gunter 1636
Title page of The Description and Use of the Sector by Edmund Gunter, 1636. Artist
cross staffs used surveying 1551 artist unknown
Cross-staffs used for surveying, 1551. Artist: Unknown
using cross staff measure height tower 1617 1619
Using a cross-staff to measure the height of a tower, 1617-1619. Artist: Unknown
measuring distance inaccessible object triangulation
Measuring the distance of an inaccessible object by triangulation using a hinged staff, 1617-1619
reiner gemma frisius dutch astronomer geographer
Reiner Gemma Frisius, Dutch astronomer, geographer, cartographer and mathematician, 1539
planimeter used conjunction set square surveying 1605
Planimeter used in conjunction with a set square for surveying, 1605. Artist: Unknown
surveyors level 1547 artist unknown
A surveyor's level, 1547. Artist: Unknown
forms astrolabe use surveying 1650 artist
Forms of astrolabe in use for surveying, 1650. Artist: Unknown
using astrolabes calculate height steeple 1539
Using astrolabes to calculate the height of a steeple, 1539. Artist: Petrus Apianus
surveying levinus hulsius instrumentorum mechanicorum
Surveying, from Levinus Hulsius Instrumentorum Mechanicorum, Frankfurt-am-Main, 1605
title page samuel sturmy mariners magazine london
Title page of Samuel Sturmy, Mariners Magazine, London, 1669. Artist: Samuel Sturmy
temple serapis puzzuoli 1183 charles lyell 1853
Temple of Serapis at Puzzuoli in 1183, Charles Lyell (1853). Artist: Charles Lyell
strata red sandstone slightly inclined siccar point
Strata of red sandstone, slightly inclined, Siccar Point, Berwickshire 1852. Artist
pollen mass orchis mascula first attached a
Pollen mass of Orchis mascula when first attached (A) and after depression (B), 1899
andreas vesalius 16th century flemish anatomist
Andreas Vesalius, 16th century Flemish anatomist. Artist: Unknown
john tyndall irish born british physicist populariser
John Tyndall, Irish-born British physicist and populariser of science, c1880. Artist
apparatus reducing dislocations 1544 artist
Apparatus for reducing dislocations, 1544. Artist: Unknown
richard owen british naturalist c1856 1891
Richard Owen, British naturalist, c1856 (1891). Artist: Unknown
john lubbock first baron avebury english banker
John Lubbock, first Baron Avebury, English banker, archaeologist, naturalist and politician, c1880
carolus linnaeus 18th century swedish naturalist
Carolus Linnaeus, 18th century Swedish naturalist. Artist: W Evans
justus von liebig 19th century german chemist
Justus von Liebig, 19th century German chemist. Artist: Unknown
preparation copper silver alloyed production coins
Preparation of copper and silver to be alloyed for production of coins, 1683. Artist
isaac newton english scientist mathematician 1874
Isaac Newton, English scientist and mathematician, 1874. Artist: Unknown
lazaro spallanzani 18th century italian naturalist
Lazaro Spallanzani, 18th century Italian naturalist and biologist, 1874. Artist: Unknown
surveyors using quadrants measure height tower
Surveyors using quadrants to measure the height of a tower, c1617-c1619
moth acontia luctuosa orchid pollen 1862 artist
The moth Acontia luctuosa and orchid pollen, 1862. Artist: Unknown
alexander fleming scottish bacteriologist laboratory
Alexander Fleming, Scottish bacteriologist in his laboratory, 1930s. Artist: Unknown
nicholas lemery french chemist 1870 artist
Nicholas Lemery, French chemist, 1870. Artist: Unknown
pre binomial classification species 1644 artist
Pre-binomial classification of species, 1644. Artist: Unknown
finding angular distance edges wood using cross staff
Finding the angular distance between two edges of a wood using a cross-staff, 1617-1619
apollo pursuing daphne c1755 1760 artist
'Apollo Pursuing Daphne', c1755-1760. Artist: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
prometheus bound c1640 artist jacob jordaens
'Prometheus Bound', c1640. Artist: Jacob Jordaens
virgin child 1504 1505 artist michelangelo
Virgin and Child, 1504-1505. Artist: Michelangelo Buonarroti
pieta 1498 1500 artist michelangelo buonarroti
Pieta, 1498-1500. Artist: Michelangelo Buonarroti
pre raphaelite/blind girl 1856 artist john everett millais
The Blind Girl', 1856. Artist: John Everett Millais
constance 1842 artist jmw turner
'Constance', 1842. Artist: JMW Turner
more park near watford 1823 artist jmw turner
'More Park near Watford', 1823. Artist: JMW Turner
jmw turner/whitby 1824 artist jmw turner
'Whitby', 1824. Artist: JMW Turner
fishing blythe sand tide setting in 1809 artist
'Fishing upon the Blythe Sand, Tide Setting in', 1809. Artist: JMW Turner
woman garden monsieur forest 1889 1891 artist
'Woman in the Garden of Monsieur Forest', 1889-1891
battle hohenlinden 3 december 1800 artist
'Battle of Hohenlinden', 3 December, 1800. Artist: Anon
landing frejus march 1815 artist unknown
'Landing at Frejus', March, 1815. Artist: Unknown
the supper mid late 17th century artist jan
'The Supper', mid-late 17th century. Artist: Jan Vermeer
the education achilles chariot racing mid late
'The Education of Achilles: Chariot Racing', mid-late 17th century. Artist
joan arc prison 1825 artist paul delaroche
'Joan of Arc in Prison', 1825. Artist: Paul Delaroche
stonehenge c1835 artist john constable
'Stonehenge', c1835. Artist: John Constable
rest flight egypt 1756 artist jean bernard
'Rest on the Flight into Egypt', 1756. Artist: Jean Bernard Restout
the circumcision early 16th century artist
'The Circumcision', early 16th century. Artist: Lodovico Mazzolini
crossing mount st bernard may 1800 19th
'Crossing of Mount St. Bernard', May, 1800, (19th century). Artist: Anon
defense huningue 1815 19th century artist
'Defense of Huningue', 1815, (19th century). Artist: Anon
cambronne battle waterloo 18 june 1815 19th
'Cambronne at the Battle of Waterloo', 18 June, 1815, (19th century). Artist
napoleon arcola bridge 15 november 1796 artist
Napoleon at Arcola Bridge, 15 November 1796. Artist: Anon
battle zurich 25 september 1799 c1800 c1842
'Battle of Zurich', 25 September, 1799, (c1800-c1842). Artist: Francois Bouchot
attempt assassinate napoleon 24 december 1800
Attempt to assassinate Napoleon, 24 December, 1800. Artist: Anon
woman tomb thebes artist wilkinson
Woman in tomb at Thebes. Artist: Wilkinson
young lady park c1880 artist mary cassatt
'Young Lady in the Park', c1880. Artist: Mary Cassatt
photograph mummies 1860 artist unknown
Photograph of mummies, 1860. Artist: Unknown


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