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15 Aug 2005

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deux meres two mothers 1888 artist leon maxime
'Deux meres' ('Two Mothers'), 1888. Artist: Leon-Maxime Faivre
viscount lepic 1882 artist henri
'Viscount Lepic', 1882. Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
satan arousing rebel angels 1808 artist william
'Satan Arousing the Rebel Angels', 1808. Artist: William Blake
a celebration birth french heir apparent 1781
'A Celebration for the Birth of the French Heir apparent', 1781 (1783). Artist
transport prostitutes salpetriere c1760 1770
'Transport of Prostitutes to the Salpetriere', c1760-1770
vetements sur lherbe clothes grass 1883
'Vetements sur l'herbe' ('Clothes on the Grass'), 1883. Artist
study une baignade 1883 artist georges pierre
Study for 'Une Baignade', 1883. Artist: Georges-Pierre Seurat
beach gravelines 1890 artist georges pierre
'Beach at Gravelines', 1890. Artist: Georges-Pierre Seurat
napoleon c1895 artist henri toulouse lautrec
'Napoleon', c1895. Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
girl blue sash late 19th early 20th century
'Girl with a Blue Sash', late 19th/early 20th century
notre dame paris 19th century artist frederick
'Notre Dame', Paris, 19th century. Artist: Frederick Nash
sketch ceiling mural elysee palace not carried out
Sketch for a ceiling mural for the Elysee-Palace (not carried out), late 19th/early 20th century
volterra italy 1834 artist jean baptiste camille
'Volterra', Italy, 1834. Artist: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
portrait hilaire gas grandfather artist 1857
'Portrait of Hilaire de Gas', grandfather of the artist, 1857
the abduction rebecca 1858 artist eugene
'The Abduction of Rebecca', 1858. Artist: Eugene Delacroix
jardins paris paris parks 1920 artist
'Jardins de Paris' ('Paris Parks'), 1920. Artist: Charles-Lucien Leandre
overall view paris taken observatory balloon 1855
'Overall View of Paris, Taken from the Observatory in a Balloon', 1855. Artist
count la forest wife daughter 1804 artist
'Count de la Forest with his Wife and Daughter', 1804
sprig flowering almond blossom glass 1888 artist
'Sprig of Flowering Almond Blossom in a Glass', 1888. Artist: Vincent van Gogh
portrait miss may belfort 1895 artist henri
'Portrait of Miss May Belfort', 1895. Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
the 14th july 1880 late19th early 20th century
'The 14th of July 1880', late19th/early 20th century. Artist: Alfred Roll
ouvriers du batiment construction workers c1911
'Ouvriers du Batiment' ('Construction Workers'), c1911
paris view pont royal quai voltaire 1812
'Paris, view of the Pont Royal, Quai Voltaire', 1812. Artist: CW Eckersberg
the native village river 1900 artist unknown
'The Native Village on the River', 1900. Artist: Unknown
rocky landscape saint francis early 17th century
'Rocky Landscape with Saint Francis', early 17th century
view seine south facade louvre gallery paris 1660
'View of the Seine with the South Facade of the Louvre Gallery', Paris, 1660
dona antonia ifenarrietta son 1631 artist
'Dona Antonia Ifenarrietta and Her Son', 1631. Artist: Diego Velasquez
the carmelite nuns warming hall mid 18th century
'The Carmelite Nuns in the Warming Hall', mid 18th century
barges stour dedham church distance 1811 artist
'Barges on the Stour, with Dedham Church in the Distance', 1811
view tapis vert versailles 19th century artist
View of the 'Tapis Vert' in Versailles, 19th century. Artist: Fanny Robert
duc berry later king louis xvi aged 15 c1769
The Duc de Berry, later King Louis XVI, aged 15, c1769. Artist: Louis Michel van Loo
paris 1900 artist jean francois raffaelli
'Paris', 1900. Artist: Jean Francois Raffaelli
le carreau des halles paris 1880 artist
'Le Carreau des Halles', Paris, 1880. Artist: Gilbert Victor Gabriel
alexandre lenoir 1799 artist pierre maximilien
'Alexandre Lenoir', 1799. Artist: Pierre Maximilien Delafontaine
the glory louis xiv triumph time 17th century
'The Glory of Louis XIV - Triumph of Time', 17th century
courageous action eustache saint pierre siege calais
The courageous action of Eustache de Saint-Pierre at the Siege of Calais, 1346. Artist
lake nemi background city genzano late 18th early
'Lake Nemi; in the background the city of Genzano', late 18th/early 19th century
view pont neuf ile la cite paris late 19th early
'View of the Pont Neuf and the Ile de la Cite', Paris, late 19th/early 20th century
the temple vesta tivoli rome 1831 artist
'The Temple of Vesta at Tivoli', Rome, 1831
carnival streets paris 1757 artist etienne
'Carnival in the Streets of Paris', 1757. Artist: Etienne Jeaurat
battle bouvines 27 july 1214 1827 artist
'Battle of Bouvines', 27 July 1214 (1827). Artist: Horace Vernet
memories trip paris cadiz alexandre dumas
'Memories of the trip from Paris to Cadiz - Alexandre Dumas (Pere) in Spain', 1830
the harbour bordeaux 1874 artist eugene louis
'The Harbour of Bordeaux', 1874. Artist: Eugene Louis Boudin
view salute entrance grand canal venice c1727 1728
'View of the Salute from the Entrance of the Grand Canal', Venice, c1727-1728
alexander cuts gordian knot late 18th early
'Alexander Cuts the Gordian Knot', late 18th/early 19th century
the countryside florence italy late 18th early
'The Countryside around Florence', Italy, late 18th/early 19th century. Artist
market fountain innocents paris 1823 artist
'Market and Fountain of the Innocents', Paris, 1823. Artist: John James Chalon
the departure 19th early 20th century artist
'The Departure', 19th/early 20th century. Artist: James Tissot
reclining nude late 19th early 20th century
'Reclining Nude', late 19th/early 20th century. Artist: Giovanni Boldini
the waterfall tivoli 18th early 19th century
'The Waterfall at Tivoli', 18th/early 19th century. Artist: Hubert Robert
impressionism/zaandam 1871 artist claude monet
'Zaandam', 1871. Artist: Claude Monet
madame corot mother artist c1845 artist
'Madame Corot, Mother of the Artist', c1845. Artist: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
a village bullfight c1812 1814 artist francisco
'A Village Bullfight', c1812-1814. Artist: Francisco Goya
the raised skirt 1742 artist francois boucher
'The Raised Skirt', 1742. Artist: Francois Boucher
saint jerome 17th century artist jusepe
'Saint Jerome', 17th century. Artist: Jusepe de Ribera
alexander great restoring throne usurped abdolomino
'Alexander the Great Restoring the Throne Usurped by Abdolomino', 17th century
reine joie queen joy 1892 artist henri
'Reine de joie' ('Queen of Joy'), 1892. Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
unidentified flemish proverb late 16th early
Unidentified Flemish proverb, late 16th/early 17th century
portrait marquis marigny 1755 artist louis
'Portrait of the Marquis of Marigny', 1755. Artist: Louis Tocque
medallion alfonso v aragon king naples sicily
Medallion of Alfonso V Aragon, King of Naples and Sicily, 15th century. Artist: Pisanello
entrance port marseilles 1911 artist paul
'Entrance to the Port of Marseilles', 1911. Artist: Paul Signac
paumgartner alterpiece 1498 1504 artist albrecht
The Paumgartner Alterpiece, 1498-1504. Artist: Albrecht Durer
jacob fights angel 1660 artist rembrandt
'Jacob Fights the Angel', 1660. Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
still life fruit late 16th early 17th century
'Still Life with Fruit', late 16th/early 17th century. Artist: Georg Flegel
hercules cerberus c1634 artist francisco
'Hercules and Cerberus', c1634. Artist: Francisco de Zurbaran
tobit anna 1626 artist rembrandt harmensz
'Tobit and Anna', 1626. Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
whatever i do i repent i pissing moon c1558 1560
'Whatever I do, I do not Repent, I Keep Pissing against the Moon', c1558-1560
louis xiii 17th century artist simon vouet
'Louis XIII', 17th century. Artist: Simon Vouet
the mother gracchi c1780 artist joseph benoit
'The Mother of the Gracchi', c1780. Artist: Joseph Benoit Suvee
the interdict 1875 artist jean paul laurens
'The Interdict', 1875. Artist: Jean-Paul Laurens
feast house simon 18th early 19th century artist
'Feast in the House of Simon', 18th/early 19th century
view escorial spain early 18th century artist
'View of the Escorial', Spain, early 18th century. Artist: Michel-Ange Houasse
the water feature grove museum marly late 18th early
'The Water Feature of the Grove of the Museum of Marly', late 18th/early 19th century
allegory france navarre 1740 artist francois
'Allegory of France and Navarre', 1740. Artist: Francois Boucher
admiral francois darlan commander french navy 1940
Admiral Francois Darlan, Commander of the French Navy, 1940. Artist: Pierre Falke
portrait mrs pemberton c1535 artist hans
'Portrait of Mrs Pemberton', c1535. Artist: Hans Holbein the Younger
la goulue valentin le desosse 1895 artist henri
La Goulue and Valentin le desosse, 1895. Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
portrait gentleman italy 1630 artist wolfgang
'Portrait of a gentleman in Italy', 1630. Artist: Wolfgang Heimbach
self portrait 1879 artist paul cezanne
'Self Portrait', 1879. Artist: Paul Cezanne
view trees park pierre crozat 1715 artist
'View through the trees in the Park of Pierre Crozat', 1715
funeral rites bertrand duguesclin constable france
'Funeral rites for Bertrand Duguesclin, Constable of France', late19th/early 20th century
semiramis building babylon unfinished detail
'Semiramis Building Babylon' (unfinished), (detail), 1860-1862
impressionism/the young servant 1882 artist camille
'The Young Servant', 1882. Artist: Camille Pissarro
madame juillard red 1912 artist giovanni
'Madame Juillard' In Red, 1912. Artist: Giovanni Boldini
self portrait 1896 artist paul gauguin
'Self-Portrait', 1896. Artist: Paul Gauguin
castello sul lago atter castle unterrach
'Castello Sul Lago Atter', ('Castle Unterrach on the Attersee') 1908
church la trinite des monts rome 19th century
The Church of La Trinite des Monts, Rome, 19th century
view interior teatro san carlo naples 19th century
View of the interior of the Teatro San Carlo, Naples, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
the halt chase rendez vous chasse 1717 1720
'The Halt During the Chase' ('Rendez-vous de chasse'), 1717-1720. Artist
a windmill etretat 19th century artist jean baptiste camille
'A Windmill, Etretat', 19th century. Artist: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
womans head frauenkopf 1917 artist gustav
'Woman's Head' ('Frauenkopf'), 1917. Artist: Gustav Klimt
the farmers flagey les paysans flagey 1855
'The Farmers of Flagey' ('Les Paysans de Flagey'), 1855
the carmelite nuns garden 18th century artist
'The Carmelite Nuns in the Garden', 18th century. Artist: Charles Guillot
don diego del corral 1631 artist diego
'Don Diego Del Corral', 1631. Artist: Diego Velasquez
vaccination val grace hospital paris c1900
'Vaccination at the Val de Grace Hospital in Paris', c1900
astrologue late 19th early 20th century artist
'Astrologue', late 19th/early 20th century. Artist: Georges Antoine Rochegrosse
paris seen pere lachaise cemetery c1825 artist
'Paris seen from the Pere Lachaise cemetery', c1825
bather la baigneuse au griffon 1870 artist
'Bather' ('La Baigneuse au griffon'), 1870. Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
landscape wood diana offers hare nymph silenus
A landscape with wood; Diana offers a hare to a nymph; Silenus and Ceres in foreground, c1614


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