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Images Dated 2005 August

Choose from 3,287 pictures in our Images Dated 2005 August collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Deux meres ('Two Mothers'), 1888. Artist: Leon-Maxime Faivre Featured August Image

Deux meres ('Two Mothers'), 1888. Artist: Leon-Maxime Faivre

Deux meres ('Two Mothers'), 1888. From the Musee d'Orsay, Paris

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1880s, 19th Century, Adult, Afraid, Aggressive, Alarm, Ancient Civilization, Anxiety, Apprehension, Art, Art Media, Arts, Attentive, Attentiveness, Axe, Babies, Baby, Bare, Barefoot, Bashful, Battling, Body, Bonding, Boy, Boys, Brother, Cave, Cavern, Caves, Century, Challenge, Child, Childhood, Children, Civilisation, Clinging, Color, Colour, Concept, Considerate, Contending, Country, Danger, Dangerous, Defender, Defending, Defense, Disrobed, Dread, Eluding, Endangering, Escapee, Escaping, Exterior, Face, Faivre, Family, Fear, Female, Fierce, Fleeing, Footpath, Foreboding, France, French, Fright, Frighten, Frightened, Frightening, Front, Front View, Full Body, Full Length, Geographical Feature, Geography, Girl, Girls, Grim, Grotto, Guarding, Hazardous, Head, Helplessness, Holding, Human, Human Being, Illustration And Painting, Implement, Infancy, Infant, Jeopardizing, Juvenile, Kin, Kinfolk, Lady, Leon Maxime, Leon Maxime Faivre, Living, Living Being, Location, Love, Male, Menacing, Minor, Mother, Motherhood, Mothering, Mum, Naked, Nakedness, Nineteenth Century, Nude, Nudity, Object, Oil, Opposing, Outdoor, Outside, Painting, Parent, Past Civilization, Path, Pathway, People, Perilous, Person, Powerful, Prehistoric, Print Collector1, Profile, Protect, Protected, Protecting, Protection, Protective, Relationship, Relative, Risk, Risk Taking, Safeguard, Safety, Savage, Scared, Security, Self Conscious, Seriousness, Shoeless, Sibling, Side View, Solemn, Solicitous, Son, Standing, Stone Age, Strength, Strong, The Body, Thoughtful, Threatening, Timid, Toddler, Togetherness, Tool, Tot, Trail, Travelling, Trepidation, Unclothed, Undressed, Vertical, Vulnerability, Walkway, War, Warfare, Warring, Weapon, Weaponry, Weapons, Whole Body, Woman, Women, Young, Youngster, Youth, Youthful

The Whale, c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins Featured August Image

The Whale, c1850. Artist: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins

The Whale, c1850. Around the main illustration of harpooning a whale and the whalers being tossed from their boat are vignettes of the uses to which the whale was put after the carcass had been cut up. Spermeciti candles and whale oil were prized for lighting. Whalebone, from the plates from the upper jaw of whalebone whales, was used for corsets and for umbrella frames. Whale meat was eaten. Ambergris was used in perfumes. Parts which were otherwise of no use were applied as fertilizer. From Graphic Illustrations of Animals and Their Utility to Man. (London, c1850)

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The New Years Gift, 1858 Featured August Image

The New Years Gift, 1858

The New Year's Gift, 1858. This cartoon shows Sir Colin Campbell presenting the leashed tiger of India to Palmerston who, rather in the manner of a lion tamer, shelters nervously behind a chair, reluctant to accept this barely tamed gift'. Pam (To Sir Colin). Well- upon my word - eh! - I'm extremely obliged to you - but - eh! - how about keeping the brute?'. Sir Colin Campbell was made Commander-in-Chief in India by Palmerston in July 1857, at the height of the Indian Mutiny. Following the death of Sir Henry Havelock, Sir Colin was quick to restore British authority in India. From Punch, or the London Charivari, January 2, 1858

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