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deux meres two mothers 1888 artist leon maxime
'Deux meres' ('Two Mothers'), 1888. Artist: Leon-Maxime Faivre
popular themes/rembrandt/the return prodigal son c1668 artist rembrandt
'The Return of the Prodigal Son', c1668. Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
fathers day/the engineer 1867 artist unknown
'The Engineer', 1867. Artist: Unknown
ernest rutherford 1871 1937 nobel prize winning
Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937), Nobel prize-winning atomic physicist, c1908. Artist
train crossing stockport viaduct london north
Train crossing Stockport viaduct on the London & North Western Railway, c1845. Artist
viscount lepic 1882 artist henri
'Viscount Lepic', 1882. Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
james braid scottish golfer c1905 artist
James Braid, Scottish golfer, c1905. Artist: Unknown
tom morris senior british golfer portrait c1910
Tom Morris senior, British golfer, portrait, c1910. Artist: Unknown
happy hampstead 1875 artist joseph swain
Happy Hampstead!, 1875. Artist: Joseph Swain
guglielmo marconi italian physicist inventor
Guglielmo Marconi, Italian physicist and inventor and pioneer of wireless telegraphy
charles darwin english naturalist 1871 artist
Charles Darwin, English naturalist, 1871. Artist: Unknown
the divided skirt 1886 artist joseph swain
'The Divided Skirt', 1886. Artist: Joseph Swain
chirk aqueduct ellesmere canal c1829 artist
Chirk Aqueduct on the Ellesmere Canal, c1829. Artist: Thomas Barber
method laying artillery piece target using gunners
Method of laying an artillery piece on target using Gunner's scale, 18th century
wedding party bicycles led bride bridegroom nice
Wedding party on bicycles led by the bride and bridegroom, Nice, France, 1909. Artist
eiffel tower elevator 1889 artist unknown
Eiffel Tower elevator, 1889. Artist: Unknown
birds eye view eiffel tower time opening paris
Bird's-eye view of the Eiffel Tower at the time of the opening of the Paris Exposition of 1889
rear engined benz velo car german 1894 artist
Rear-engined Benz Velo car, German, 1894. Artist: Unknown
cover la terre la lune autour la lune jules verne
Cover of De la Terre a la Lune and Autour de la Lune, by Jules Verne, c1896. Artist
prison ships hulks tenders thames off tower london
Prison ships (hulks or tenders) in the Thames off the Tower of London, 1805. Artist
woman cycling dress american c1900 artist
Woman in cycling dress, American, c1900. Artist: Unknown
canning dock liverpool showing custom house 1841
Canning Dock, Liverpool, showing the Custom House, 1841. Artist: Unknown
the fight harvest sorting seeds mordva collective
'The Fight for the Harvest': sorting of seeds in a Mordva collective farm, 1933
birmingham viewed south showing smoking chimneys
Birmingham viewed from the south showing smoking chimneys, c1860. Artist: Unknown
surfacing road granite setts paris c1900 artist
Surfacing a road with granite setts, Paris, c1900. Artist: Unknown
surfacing paris street wooden blocks c1900 artist
Surfacing a Paris street with wooden blocks, c1900. Artist: Unknown
laying paving slabs paris street c1900 artist
Laying paving slabs in a Paris street, c1900. Artist: Unknown
laying asphalt based surface paris street c1900
Laying an asphalt-based surface in a Paris street, c1900. Artist: Unknown
laying bitumen road surface paris street c1900
Laying bitumen road surface in a Paris street, c1900. Artist: Unknown
laying macadam road surface compacting steam road
Laying a Macadam road surface and compacting it with a steam road roller, Paris, c1900 Artist
crystal palace hyde park london built great
Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London, built for the Great Exhibition of 1851. Artist
boulevard des italiens paris cars motor buses street
Boulevard des Italiens, Paris, with cars and motor buses on the street, c1900. Artist
rue royale madeleine paris cars motorbus street
Rue Royale and the Madeleine, Paris, with cars and a motorbus on the street, c1900
renards automobile train showing coupling top
Renard's automobile train, showing coupling (top right) and a train of wagons, 1904
renards tractor unit showing towing attachment
Renard's tractor unit, showing towing attachment for trailers, French, 1904. Artist
army truck daimler 4 cylinder 12 hp engine 1904
Army truck by Daimler, with 4 cylinder 12 hp engine, 1904. Artist: Unknown
mercedes 35 hp motor car 1901 artist unknown
Mercedes 35 hp motor car, 1901. Artist: Unknown
armand peugots first motor car 1890 artist
Armand Peugot's first motor car, 1890. Artist: Unknown
exterior north transept crystal palace london
Exterior of the north transept of the Crystal Palace, London, built for the Great Exhibition, 1851
great exhibition crystal palace hyde park london
Great Exhibition in the Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London, 1851. Artist: Unknown
british cycle club country ride 1895 artist
A British cycle club out for a country ride, 1895. Artist: Unknown
volunteer women drivers wolseley donated war effort
Volunteer women drivers in a Wolseley, donated towards the war effort, Cambridge, World War I
volunteer english woman driver washing ambulance
Volunteer English woman driver washing down her ambulance, Cambridge, World War I, 1915
armour companys pig slaughterhouse chicago illinois
Armour Company's pig slaughterhouse, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1892. Artist: Unknown
singers special safety bicycle c1886 1890
Singer's special safety bicycle, c1886 (1890). Artist: Unknown
soldering bicycle parts american factory c1900
Soldering bicycle parts in an American factory, c1900. Artist: Unknown
rover safety bicycle c1885 artist unknown
Rover Safety Bicycle, c1885. Artist: Unknown
welding bicycle frames american factory 1900
Welding bicycle frames in an American factory, 1900. Artist: Unknown
agricultural workers families great exhibition 1851
Agricultural workers and their families at the Great Exhibition of 1851. Artist: Unknown
gathering uk cycling clubs castle inn woodford
Gathering of the UK cycling clubs at Castle Inn, Woodford, Essex, 1 June 1889. Artist
sandblasting joints bicycle frame france 1896
Sandblasting the joints of a bicycle frame, France, 1896. Artist: Unknown
welding bicycle frame france 1896 artist
Welding a bicycle frame, France, 1896. Artist: Unknown
bicycle manufacture france 1896 artist unknown
Bicycle manufacture, France, 1896. Artist: Unknown
women making pneumatic tyres bicycles france 1896
Women making pneumatic tyres for bicycles, France, 1896. Artist: Unknown
india rubber gutta percha telegraph works company
India Rubber, Gutta Percha & Telegraph Works Company factory, Silvertown, London, 1887
aftermath mining accident montceau les mines
Aftermath of a mining accident, Montceau-les-Mines, France, 1895. Artist: Unknown
new year greetings stockbrokers mercer locock clients
New Year greetings from stockbrokers Mercer Locock to their clients, 1894. Artist
thomas edisons improved form jw trowbridges
Thomas Edison's improved form of JW Trowbridge's electric dynamometer, 1879
thomas edisons generator electric light home
Thomas Edison's generator for electric light at his home at Menlo Park, New Jersey, USA, 1879
steam hammer used ironworks france 1867 artist
Steam hammer being used in an ironworks, France, 1867. Artist: Unknown
telephone exchange paris 1904 artist unknown
Telephone Exchange, Paris, 1904. Artist: Unknown
courting telephone paris 1883 artist unknown
Courting by telephone across Paris, 1883. Artist: Unknown
laying transatlantic telegraph cable 1865 artist
Laying the transatlantic telegraph cable, 1865. Artist: Unknown
laying telegraph cable indian ocean bombay aden 1870
Laying of the telegraph cable across the Indian Ocean between Bombay and Aden, 1870
laying transatlantic telegraph cable 1865 1866
Laying the transatlantic telegraph cable, 1865 (1866). Artist: Unknown
atlantic telegraph c1878 artist unknown
The Atlantic Telegraph, c1878. Artist: Unknown
microscope c reichert vienna 1895 artist c
Microscope made by C Reichert, Vienna, 1895. Artist: C Reichert
coal mining accident courrieres mines pas de calais
Coal mining accident, Courrieres Mines, Pas-de-Calais, France, 1906. Artist: Unknown
coal miners trapped underground roof fall courrieres
Coal miners trapped underground by a roof fall, Courrieres Mines, Pas-de-Calais, France, 1906
longitudinal section steam turbine fitted dover
Longitudinal section of a steam turbine fitted into the Dover packet boat 'Queen', c1904
longtudinal sections steam turbines artist
Longtudinal sections of two steam turbines. Artist: Unknown
steam turbines fitted dover packet boat queen 1904
Steam turbines fitted into the Dover packet boat 'Queen', 1904. Artist: Unknown
depot electrically driven paris cabs fitted freshly
Depot where electrically driven Paris cabs were fitted with freshly charged batteries, 1899
factory making recharging servicing electric cabs
Factory for making, recharging and servicing electric cabs, Aubervilliers, France, 1899
main station exchange telegraph company london 1882
Main station of the Exchange Telegraph Company, London, 1882. Artist: Unknown
manufacture electric batteries usa 1887 artist
Manufacture of electric batteries, USA, 1887. Artist: Unknown
private confidential opening anglo french telephone
'Private and Confidential', opening of the Anglo-French telephone line, 1891
opening anglo french telephone line 1891 artist
Opening of the Anglo-French telephone line, 1891. Artist: Unknown
opening london paris telegraph link 1852 artist
Opening of the London to Paris telegraph link, 1852. Artist: Unknown
giant galvanometer physics laboratory cornell
Giant galvanometer in the physics laboratory, Cornell University, New York, USA, 1886
william wollastons reflecting goniometer measuring
William Wollaston's reflecting goniometer for measuring the angles of crystals, 1874
plate measuring microscope 1895 artist unknown
Plate measuring microscope, 1895. Artist: Unknown
lord kelvins mirror galvanometer 1876 artist
Lord Kelvin's mirror galvanometer, 1876. Artist: Unknown
lord kelvins transatlantic telegraph 1877 artist
Lord Kelvin's transatlantic telegraph, 1877. Artist: John Wright Oakes
operator receiving message morse code electric
Operator receiving a message in Morse code on an electric printing telegraph, 1887
colorimeter design labilliardiere modifications
Colorimeter, after a design by Labilliardiere with modifications by Salleron, 1871
telegraph office c1900 artist unknown
Telegraph office, c1900. Artist: Unknown
operator sending message morse electric printing
Operator sending a message on a Morse electric printing telegraph, 1887. Artist: Unknown
morses first telegraph 1837 c1900 artist
Morse's first telegraph, 1837 (c1900). Artist: Sir John Gilbert
morse electric printing telegraph c1882 artist
Morse electric printing telegraph, c1882. Artist: Unknown
joseph crosfield sons soap factory bank quarry
Joseph Crosfield & Son's soap factory at Bank Quarry, Warrington, Cheshire, 1886
manufacturing electric light bulbs c1883 1896
Manufacturing electric light bulbs, c1883 (1896). Artist: Unknown
first magnetoelectric motor built hippolyte pixii
First magnetoelectric motor built by Hippolyte Pixii, c1832 (c1890). Artist: Unknown
lord kelvin scottish mathematician physicist 1899
Lord Kelvin, Scottish mathematician and physicist, 1899. Artist: Unknown
lord kelvin scottish mathematician physicist 1897
Lord Kelvin, Scottish mathematician and physicist, 1897. Artist: James Craig Annan
lord kelvin scottish mathematician physicist
Lord Kelvin, Scottish mathematician and physicist, 1876 Artist: Unknown
lord kelvin scottish mathematician physicist 1852
Lord Kelvin, Scottish mathematician and physicist, 1852. Artist: Unknown
physics research laboratory sorbonne paris 1895
Physics research laboratory at the Sorbonne, Paris 1895. Artist: Unknown
lord kelvin scottish mathematician physicist c1890
Lord Kelvin, Scottish mathematician and physicist, c1890. Artist: Unknown


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