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Winter Landscape Gallery

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Sunset on the Seine at Lavacourt, Winter Effect. Artist: Monet, Claude (1840-1926)
Russian Ice Mountain on the Admiralty Square in St. Petersburg, 1850s
Catherine the Great Visiting the Ice Mountain in Saint Petersburg, 1788. Artist: Paterssen, Benjamin (1748-1815)
Snow in Forest, 1885. Artist: Klever, Juli Julievich (Julius), von (1850-1924)
Struggle for Survival. Artist: Krohg, Christian (1852-1925)
Ice Mountains, ca 1814. Artist: Anonymous
Spring in Winter. Creator: Fjaestad, Gustaf (1868-1948)
Making a Snowman, 1891. Creator: Stepanov, Alexei Stepanovich (1858-1923)
Allegory of Winter, 1620. Creator: Sadeler, Aegidius (1575-1629)
In the Tsars Garden (Keizardarzu), 1914. Artist: Purvitis, Vilhelms (1872-1945)
Winter Landscape. (March Evening), c. 1900. Artist: Purvitis, Vilhelms (1872-1945)
Winter Night. Artist: Munch, Edvard (1863-1944)
Moonlight spots in the wood. Winter, 1898-1908. Artist: Kuindzhi, Arkhip Ivanovich
Winter Moonlight, 1895. Artist: Fjaestad, Gustaf (1868-1948)
November. Artist: Schultze (Choultse), Ivan Fedorovich (1874-1937)
The Great Blessing of Waters on the Neva river, 1850s
Winter in the Forest, c1930
Coucher de Soleil sur la Seine (Sunset on the Seine), 1880
Throwing snowballs
Russian village in winter, 1915
Russian village in winter
Skating in the town-moat of Brussels, 1649
Winter landscape with a Bird Trap, 1631
Skaters near the shore of Kalela, 1896
Snow at Veneux-Nadon, c. 1880
Winter landscape, 1915
The Lair of the Lynx, 1908
Winter Landscape. Artist: Veshchilov, Konstantin Alexandrovich (1878-1945)
Children going down an Ice Hill
View of the Trinity Lavra of St, Sergius, 1923
Snow on a Moonlit Night, 1903
By the Tea House. Artist: Balunin, MiKhail Abramovich (1875-1939?)
Ice, white effect (Glacons, effet blanc), 1893. Artist: Monet, Claude (1840-1926)
Frost in Giverny (Le Givre a Giverny), 1885. Artist: Monet, Claude (1840-1926)
Russian Ice Mountain, 1817. Artist: Houbigant, Armand-Gustave (1789-1862)
Amusement on the Ice, 1813. Artist: Svinyin, Pavel Petrovich (1787-1839)
The Path Toward Epinay, Snow Effect, 1875. Artist: Monet, Claude (1840-1926)
The Sleigh Ride. Artist: Kaemmerer, Frederik Hendrik (1839-1902)
At the Gates. Artist: Sokolov, Pyotr Petrovich (1821-1899)
Bear Hunters in the Blizzard. Artist: Sverchkov, Nikolai Yegorovich (1817-1898)
Winter at the River Simoa. Artist: Thaulov, Fritz (1847-1906)
Hoarfrost (Gelee blanche). Artist: Pissarro, Camille (1830-1903)
Return from the Inn. Artist: Brueghel, Pieter, the Younger (1564-1638)
Morning in the Village after Snowstorm. Artist: Malevich, Kasimir Severinovich (1878-1935)
Winter Sun at Lavacourt. Artist: Monet, Claude (1840-1926)
Wolves. Artist: Stepanov, Alexei Stepanovich (1858-1923)
Winter Scene. Artist: Kustodiev, Boris Michaylovich (1878-1927)

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