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The Dream of the Fishermans Wife, ca 1814
Two Lovers (Shunga - erotic woodblock print), c. 1750. Artist: Harunobu, Suzuki (1724-1770)
Saito Oniwakamaru, c1827
Nasreddin Hodja. Artist: Anonymous
Maitreya Buddha
A Woman bathing, ca 1770
Lovers under a quilt with phoenix design, 1680s
Folio from Haft Awrang (Seven Thrones) by Jami, 1539-1543. Artist: Anonymous
Bhaisajyaguru, the buddha of healing and medicine, ca 1319. Artist: Anonymous
Sensui fune johatsu (The First Time on a Boat on a Miniature Lake), c1847
Ghost of Akugenda Yoshihira Attacking Nanba Jiro at Nunobiki Waterfall, ca 1825. Creator: Kuniyoshi
Trees. A six-section folding screens, Mid of 17th cen
Chhinnamasta, c. 1800. Artist: Anonymous
Vajrasattva, Early 19th century. Artist: Tibetan culture
The Tortoise Trainer, 1906. Artist: Hamdi Bey, Osman (1842-1910)
The Meeting of the Theologians, 1537-1550. Artist: Abd Allah Musawwir (active Mid of 16th cen.)
Yorimitsu killing Tsuchigumo (Detail of the scroll Tsuchigumo no Soshi Emaki), 13th century. Artist: Anonymous
Majnun in the Desert, 1431. Artist: Iranian master
The prophet Elijah rescuing Prince Nur ad-Dahr (From the Hamzanama), 1562-1577. Artist: Mir Sayyid Ali (c)
Love scene, 1693
Black Cat, 1921
Erotic Scene, 19th century. Artist: Anonymous
Winged genie. Detail of a relief from the palace of Assyrian king Sargon II, 722-705 BC. Artist: Assyrian Art
Tayang Khan Presented with the Head of the Mongol Leader Ong Khan (Miniature from Jami al-tawarikh (Universal History)
Krishna embraced by Radha, ca 1775. Artist: Indian Art
Toghrul III, the last king of the Seljuq Empire, ca 1306-1314. Creator: Anonymous
Catching Whales at Goto and Hirado in Hizen Province or Kishu Province, from the
The Ghost of Oyuki, Second Half of the 18th cen
Magic bowl with an incantation text in Judeo-Aramaic and an image of the demon Lilith, 5th-6th centu
Arrival of a Portuguese ship. Nanban screen, ca. 1600. Artist: Anonymous
Relief with two figures of Ashurnasirpal, winged mythological beings and the god Ashur, before the Tree of Life
A couple making love on a bench beside a stream on a summer evening, 1760s
Woman Holding A Bunch of Roses, Mid of the 19th cen.. Artist: Iranian master
The Archers frieze from Darius I palace at Susa, c. 510-c. 500 BC. Artist: Assyrian Art
The Warrior Kengoro
Jahangir Preferring a Sufi sheikh to Kings, c. 1618. Artist: Bichitr (?-ca 1660)
Tsongkhapa, End 18th - Early 19th cen. Creator: Tibetan culture
The Taiping Rebellion, after 1864. Creator: Chinese Master
The Chinese beauty Yang Guifei, ca 1810-1815. Creator: Eishi
Chinese twelve-tone pitch pipes (from the tomb of Xin Zhui in Mawangdui), ca 160 BC
Dancing and Singing (Peasants Returning from Work). Creator: Ma Yuan (1160-1225)
Cypress peak. Creator: Li Shan (1686-1762)
Yang Guifei after bathing. Creator: Zhou Fang (Chou Fang) (c. 730-800)
Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso (1617-1682), 5th Dalai Lama, 18th century
Da Yu ding. Chinese bronze ding vessel, 1045-770 B.C. Creator: The Oriental Applied Arts
Incense ceremony, 14th century. Creator: Chinese Master
Flame (Princess Rokujo), 1818. Artist: Shoen, Uemura (1875-1949)
Persian nobles hunting, c. 1650. Artist: Iranian master

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