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Revolution Gallery

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The Contrast, December 1792. December 1792. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
Trotsky slaying the counter-revolutionary dragon (poster), 1918
Napoleon, (1769-1821), c1894-95, (1936). Creator: James Sant
Lenin, (c1930), (1939). Creator: Aleksandr Gerasimov
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (1869-1916), 1910s
Tsar Nicholas II in exile, Tobolsk, Siberia, 13 August 1917
Beat the Whites with the red wedge (Poster), 1920. Artist: Lissitzky, El (1890-1941)
Siege of Yorktown, 1781 (c1836). Artist: Auguste Couder
The priests conveyed to judgment, 1922
French Revolutionary Calendar, 1801
Liberty Leading the People, 1830. Artist: Delacroix, Eugene (1798-1863)
Vladimir Ilich Lenin, Russian Bolshevik leader, in the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia, October 1918
The Execution of Louis XVI in the Place de la Revolution on 21 January 1793, 1790s
La Commune arretee par l'Ignorance et le Reaction, 1871
Bird's-eye view of the Eiffel Tower at the time of the opening of the Paris Exposition of 1889
'The Troubles in Crete--Insurgents in a mountain fastness on the look-out for the Turkish troops, Creator: Unknown
Carl Schurz of Missouri, between 1865 and 1880. Creator: Unknown
The Commissioners, April 1, 1778. Creator: Matthew Darly
The Last Toilet of Charlotte Corday, after 1863. Creator: Lumb Stocks
View of the Attack on Bunker's Hill, with the Burning of Charles Town, June 17, 1775, 1781-1783
Attack on Fort Constitution, October 7, 1777. Creator: Johann Martin Will
Battle of Saratoga (September 19, 1777). Creator: Johann Martin Will
Tomb of Louis XVI and his family, with hidden silhouettes, 1793-1800. 1793-1800. Creator: Anon
Allegory representing the freedom of France with four silhouettes, 1793-1800. Creator: Anon
Attack on the Hotel de Ville and Combat on the Pont d?Arcole, July 28, 1830. Artist: Bourgeois, Amedee (1798-1837)
The Cooperation Day in a village, 1926. Artist: Tcheptsov, Yefim Mikhailovich (1875-1950)
George Washington, late 18th century. Creator: Jospeh Wright
His Excellency Nathaniel Green, Esq. Major General of the American Army, 1781. Creator: John Norman
Orage causé par l'Impôt sur le Thé en Amérique, ca. 1775. ca. 1775. Creator: Anon
Louis Seize Roi des Francais, 18th century. 18th century. Creator: Anon
Le Général Burgoyne à Saratoga, le 17 Octobre, 1777; and Le G... [original 1781] later reprint (?)
Mal Lui Veut Mal Lui Tourne Dit Le Bonne Homme Richard, ca. 1780. ca. 1780. Creator: Anon
It is Not Going Well For Us: A Member of Parliament Reading the News of the Frenc... February 1798. Creator: Anon
The Two Are But One (Les deux ne font qu'un), late 18th century. late 18th century. Creator: Anon
His Excellency George Washington, Esq-r. March 26, 1782. Creator: John Norman
The Honorable Samuel Adams, First Delegate to Congress from Massachusetts, 1781-1783. Creator: John Norman
The Present State of Great Britain, 1779. Creator: James Phillips
Mount Vernon with hidden silhouette of George Washington, 1832. Creator: Henry Inman
Fan Design with Republican Assignats (French Revolutionary Money), ca. 1795. ca. 1795. Creator: Anon
The Bombardment of All the Thrones of Europe and the Fall of the Tyrants for the Happi... ca. 1792. Creator: Anon
Major General John Sullivan, August 22, 1776. August 22, 1776. Creator: Anon
The Junto in a Bowl Dish, February 11, 1781. February 11, 1781. Creator: Anon
The Scotch Butchery, Boston, 1775, 1775. 1775. Creator: Anon
The Tea-Tax-Tempest, or Old Time with his Magick Lanthern, March 12, 1783. March 12, 1783. Creator: Anon
The Closet, January 28, 1778. January 28, 1778. Creator: Anon
News from America, or the Patriots in the Dumps, December 1, 1776. December 1, 1776. Creator: Anon
State of the English Nation, ca. 1780. ca. 1780. Creator: Anon
State of the English Nation, August 1, 1778. August 1, 1778. Creator: Anon

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