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Queen Of France Gallery

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Death of Margaret of Burgundy Strangled in Prison, 1820. Creator: Émile Jean-Horace Vernet
Statue of Anne of Kiev (Anna Jaroslawna) at the Royal Abbey of St. Vincent in Senlis
Isabella of Bavaria wearing a forked headdress, 1435, (1910)
Boudoir of Marie Antoinette, Trianon, Versailles, (late 19th century).Artist: John L Stoddard
The Trial of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, October 14, 1793
Marie Antoinette d Autriche reine de France et de Navarre: marie
Marie Antoinette at the Conciergerie, c. 1815. Creator: Anonymous
Queen Marie-Antoinette, c. 1789. Creator: Pierre Michel Alix
Anne of Austria. Creator: Pierre Aubry
Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Creator: Unknown
Marie-Antoinette, Dauphine. Creator: Louis Marin Bonnet
Marie-Antoinette, after 1783. Creator: Elisabeth Louise Vigee-LeBrun
Anne d Autriche, reine de France, en deuil de cour. Creator: Jean Morin
Anne d Autriche, reine de France, en habit de deuil. Creator: Jean Morin
Caricature Showing Marie Antoinette as a Leopard, 18th century. Creator: Unknown
Caricature Showing Marie Antoinette as a Dragon, 18th century. Creator: Unknown
The Mysterious Urn, with the hidden silhouettes of the French royal family, 1793-1800
Portrait of Queen Marie-Antoinette in an ornamental frame, late 18th century
St. Marys Church, 1898. Creator: Unknown
Antoinette, (1755-1793), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Marie Antoinette Leaving the Revolutionary Tribunal, 1793, (1890). Creator: Unknown
Marie Antoinette Taking Leave of the Mother, (1770), 1890. Creator: Unknown
The Trouvere Adenes at the Court of Queen Marie of Brabant, (1274-1285), 1890. Creator: Unknown
Marie Antoinette, (c1928). Creator: Unknown
Female Head-Gear: Marie Antoinette, 1783, (1886)
Marie Antoinette at the Conciergerie
Portrait of Catherine de Medici (1519-1589), c. 1580
Portrait of Queen Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) als Hebe, 1773
Marie Antoinette in a Muslin dress
Archduchess Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), Queen of France
Marie Antoinette with a book
Portrait of Catherine de Medici (1519-1589)
Anne of Austria (1601-1666), 17th century. Artist: Anonymous
The Infante Philip, later King Philip IV of Spain (1605-1665) and his sister Anne of Austria (1601-1 Artist)
Stretch of the Holy Family from the Tuileries to Montmedy. Artist: Anonymous
Maria Theresa of Spain with Her son, the Dauphin, Louis of France. Artist: Beaubrun, Henri (1603-1677)
Portrait of Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria (1755-1793), the later Queen Marie Antoinette of Fr Artist: Ducreux
Portrait of Maria Theresa of Spain (1638-1683) as Queen of France. Artist: Beaubrun, Henri (1603-1677)
Chateau de Vincennes with Louis XIV and Marie Therese with their Court in 1669
Marie Antoinette at the Temple Prison. Artist: Kucharski, Alexandre (1741-1819)
Marie Leszczynska with Louis, Dauphin of France. Artist: Belle, Alexis Simon (1674-1734)
Marie Antoinette playing the harp. Artist: Gautier Dagoty, Jean-Baptiste Andre (1740-1786)
The Exchange of the Princesses at the Spanish Border. (The Marie de Medici Cycle)
Anne of Austria (1601-1666), c. 1622. Artist: Rubens, Pieter Paul (1577-1640)
Queen Marie Antoinette of France and two of her Children Walking in The Park of Trianon, 1785
The infanta Maria Theresa of Spain, 1650s. Artist: Velazquez, Diego (1599-1660)
Anne of Kiev (Anna Jaroslawna), Queen of France, c. 1805-1810. Artist: Anonymous
Catherine de Medici meets her sons Charles IX and Henry III. Artist: Bakalowicz, Wladyslaw (1831-1904)

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