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Excommunicated Spinoza, 1907. Creator: Hirszenberg, Samuel (1865-1908)
Stephen Bathory at Pskov
Beat the Whites with the red wedge (Poster), 1920. Artist: Lissitzky, El (1890-1941)
Pierre and Marie Curie in their Laboratory, pub. 1898 (photograph)
The Battle of Grunwald
Saint Casimir Jagiellon. Artist: Collenius, Herman (1650-1723)
Medusa, 1903. Artist: Kotarbinsky, Vasilii (Wilhelm) Alexandrovich (1849-1921)
White Night, 1903. Artist: Zhukovsky, Stanislav Yulianovich (1873-1944)
Jews praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur, 1878. Artist: Maurycy Gottlieb
View of the Lazienki Palace in summer, 1836-1837
Curtain design for the Theatre in Krakow
Autumn, 1930. Artist: Zhukovsky, Stanislav Yulianovich (1873-1944)
Farm owned by James Pompey, who 20 years ago came from Italy... Southington, Connecticut, 1942
Map illustrating the Brest-Litovsk Treaties, First World War, c1918, (c1920). Creator: Unknown
Poland and the Partitions of 1772, 1793 & 1795, (c1920). Creator: John Bartholomew & Son
Map of Central Europe, c1914. Creator: John Bartholomew & Son
Portrait of Jan Henryk Dabrowski, c. 1797-1800. Artist: Anonymous
The Zaporozhian Cossacks. Artist: Brandt, Jozef (1841-1915)
They prefer to tinker with ink, getting thenselves all dirty, 1920. Artist: Malyutin, Ivan Andreevich (1890-1932)
Portrait of the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), 1894
Vase, Silesia, c. 1899. Creators: Fritz Heckert Glass Refinery and Glassworks, Otto Thamm
Vase, Silesia, c. 1900. Creators: Fritz Heckert Glass Refinery and Glassworks, Otto Thamm
Goblet with Cover, Silesia, c. 1750. Creator: Christopher Gottfried Schneider
Covered Goblet (Pokal) with Musicians, Silesia, 1730 / 40. Creator: Unknown
Votive Lamp, Poland, Late 18th century. Creator: Unknown
Wheellock Gun of Tschinke Form, Teschen, 1650. Creator: Unknown
Mace, Poland, 1600 / 1700. Creator: Unknown
Mace, Poland, 17th century. Creator: Unknown
Sweetmeat Dish, Poland, c. 1750. Creator: Unknown
Hussar's Armor, Poland, 1675 / 1700. Creator: Unknown
Cruet, Silesia, c. 1750. Creator: Unknown
Portrait of Jane Dieulafoy (1851-1916), c. 1890. Creator: Ostroróg (Waléry)
Elements of an Armor Garniture for the Field, Joust, and Tourney of a Radziwill Prince
Portrait du Prince Adam Georges Czartorisky, d'apres Nadar, c. 1857, printed 1982
The Feast of Belshazzar. Creator: Strobel, Bartholomäus
The Emperor of Russia relieving Poland, 1855. Creator: Cham (Amédé
Wheellock Birding Rifle (Tschinke), Teschen, 1630. Creator: Unknown
Wheellock Hunting Rifle, Teschen, 1660. Creator: Unknown
Wheellock Birding Rifle (Tschinke), Silesia, 1650 / 60. Creator: Unknown
Wheellock Birding Rifle (Tschinke), Teschen, 1640 / 60. Creator: Unknown
Baltic Snaplock Rifle, Poland, 1610 / 50. Creator: Unknown
You can help - American Red Cross, 1918. Creator: Benda, Wladyslaw Theodor (1873-1948)
Fireworks on June 23, 1595, for the entry to Küstrin of the Margrave of Brandenburg
Auguste III. Roi de Pologne, 1750. Creator: Jean Joseph Balechou
Standing Nude, c. 1906- 1907. Creator: Elie Nadelman
Classical Figure, c. 1909-1910. Creator: Elie Nadelman
Classical Head, c. 1909. Creator: Elie Nadelman

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