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Achilles dragging the body of Hector around the walls of Troy, 1648-50
The suicide of Dido who reclines on a pyre in centre, surrounded by many figures, 1650-55
An allegory of the rest on the flight into egypt, 1650-55. Creator: Giovanni Cesare Testa
The education of Achilles, 1650-55. Creator: Giovanni Cesare Testa
Study for a pendentive depicting Justice and Charity, 1630-50
Saint Sebastian being tied to a tree, 1625-50. Creator: Girolamo Pedrignani
An allegory of painting, 17th century. Creator: Francois Collignon
The rest on the Flight into Egypt, 1740-71. Creator: Andrea Scacciati
Head of a woman, ca. 1758. Creator: Lambert-Sigisbert Adam
The Sacrifice of Iphigenia, ca. 1640-42. Creator: Pietro Testa
Scrapbook containing Italian Etchings of the XVIth and XVIIth Centuries
Venus giving arms to Aeneas, ca. 1638-40. Creator: Pietro Testa
Saint Jerome before a crucifix accompanied by a lion and three putti, ca. 1631-37
Mary Magdalene in the desert, a cross borne by angels at the right, ca. 1630
The martyrdom of Saint Erasmus who is prostrate having in innards removed, two putti a
The return of the prodigal son, the father embracing his son, from a series, ... ca. 1645
The prodigal son seated on a couch being served wine, revelers in the background, a mo
Three Lucchese saints interceding with the Virgin for the victims of the plague.... ca
Venus and Adonis, surrounded by many putti, reclining after the hunt, with a dead boar
The Garden of Venus who reclines in the centre before a herm of Pan and surrounded
Io at the left as a cow, Jupiter on a cloud in the centre and Juno at the right with pu
Plato's symposium: Socrates and his companions seated around a table discussing ideal
The dream of St Joseph, who is sleeping at the right, the Virgin and Child by a cro
The Holy Family fed by Angels, ca. 1642-44. Creator: Pietro Testa
The deluge, figures being pulled from the water, ca. 1640-42. Creator: Pietro Testa
The sacrifice of Isaac by his father Abraham, ca. 1640-42. Creator: Pietro Testa
The prodigal son among the swine, from a series of four prints, ca. 1645
The departure of the prodigal son, shown about to mount a horse, from a series of four
The Holy Family attended by Angels, ca. 1642-44. Creator: Pietro Testa
The garden of Venus, proof impression of upper left corner, ca. 1631-37
The garden of charity, woman representing Charity at right surrounded by children
The Holy Family with the infant Saint John holding an apple, ca. 1630
The suicide of the philosopher Cato, who lies on his bed pulling out his innards watched
The Garden of Charity, ca.1631-37. Creator: Pietro Testa
Sinorix carried from the temple of Artemis trying to escape the effects of the poisoni
An allegory in honor of the arrival of Cardinal Franciotti as Bishop of Lucca, 1680-1700
The Suicide of Dido, 1650-1700. Creator: Unknown
An allegory of painting, who as a child in the centre left draws on a tablet, surrou
The Adoration of the Magi, set before and architectural colonnade, ca. 1640
The sacrifice of Iphigenia, 1650-1700. Creator: Attributed to Arnold van Westerhout
Sinorix being carried from the temple after being poisoned, 1650-1700
Alexander the Great Rescued from the River Cydnus, ca. 1650. Creator: Pietro Testa
The Sacrifice of Abraham, ca. 1645-50. Creator: Pietro Testa (Italian, 1612-1650)
Adoration of the Magi, 1636-1638. Creator: Pietro Testa (Italian, 1612-1650)
Sacrifice of Isaac: an angel presses against the dagger-bearing arm of Abraham, who
The prodigal son seated at the base of a tree among swine, his gaze directed upward
Three Lucchese saints Sts Nicholas Tolentino, Nicholas of Bari interceding with the Virgin... 1691

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