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Cromwell, (1599-1658), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Take away that Bauble: Cromwell dissolving the long Parliament, 1850. Artist: John Leech
Letter by Oliver Cromwell to General Fairfax, 1646 (1865).Artist: Frederick George Netherclift
Oliver Cromwell, after 1653. Creator: Jan van de Velde
Cromwell at the Blue Boar, Holborn, London, 1640, (c1883), (c1902). Creator: Unknown
Oliver Cromwell, 1802. Creator: Francesco Bartolozzi
Jeremy Taylor, (1613-1667), 1830. Creator: Unknown
H. Peters, (1598-1660), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Milton, (1608-1674), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Sr. P. Lely, (1618-1680), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Lambert, (1619-1684), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Evelyn, (1620-1706), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Charles II, (1630-1685), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Fleetwood, (c1618-1692), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Sir T. Fairfax, (1612-1671), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Cromwell at Marston Moor, 1909, (c1930). Creator: Ernest Crofts
The Interview of Charles I With His Children, 1649, (early-mid 19th century). Creator: J Rogers
Charles The First In The Guard Room, 1649, (mid 19th century). Creator: J Rogers
Oliver Cromwell, (1933). Creator: Unknown
Mr. Oliver Cromwell of Ely Visits Mr. John Milton, 1883, (1886). Artist: Robert Hoskin
Oliver Cromwell, c1657, (1941)
Uxbridge, c1910
Oliver Cromwell (attended by a City of Soldiers) dissolving the Long Parliament. Anno 1653, c1787
Cromwell, 1856. Artist: Alfred Crowquill
Oliver Cromwell 1599-1658. - Gemalde von Schrader, 1934
Cromwell Resolving to Refuse the Crown, c1858, (1911). Artist: Charles Lucy
A Woman of the Time of Cromwells, 1907. Artist: Dion Clayton Calthrop
A Cromwellian Man, 1907. Artist: Dion Clayton Calthrop
Oliver Cromwell, English Parliamentarian soldier and politician, c17th century (1894)
Oliver Cromwell, 1640
Charles I. in the Guard-Room, 1886. Artist: Herbert K Bourne
Cromwell at the Battle of Marston Moor, 1886. Artist: John J Crew
Bust of Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, 1860. Artist: Matthew Noble
Oliver Cromwell Preaching, c1650, (1903)
Fac-Simile of Letter by Cromwell to Lenthall, announcing Victory of Naseby, 1649, (1845). Artist: Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell, 1789
Oliver Cromwell, c1870
Letter from Oliver Cromwell, 17th Century (1899). Artist: Oliver Cromwell
The Dissolution of the Long Parliament, 1653, by Oliver Cromwell, in order to intoduce Triennal Ele Artist: John Goldar
Oliver Cromwell Dissolving the Long Parliament, 1653, (1903)
Cromwell on His Farm, 1874, (1918). Artist: Ford Madox Brown
The Crown of England, St Edwards Crown, c1937
Sion House, view d from opposite Isleworth Church, c1760. Artist: Edward Rooker
Oliver Cromwells Portable Steel Lock, c17th century, (1904)
Cromwell and Hampden, 1902. Artist: Patten Wilson
Oliver Cromwell trying a prisoner during the defence of Banbury. The Globe Room of Ye Olde Reine Dee
Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) refusing the Crown, 1937
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