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King Louis Xvi Gallery

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Tomb of Louis XVI and his family, with hidden silhouettes, 1793-1800. 1793-1800. Creator: Anon
Landscape containing seven silhouettes, 1793-1800. Creator: Anon
Landscape containing fifteen silhouettes, 1793-1800. Creator: Anon
Louis Seize Roi des Francais, 18th century. 18th century. Creator: Anon
The Two Are But One (Les deux ne font qu un), late 18th century. late 18th century. Creator: Anon
The Bombardment of All the Thrones of Europe and the Fall of the Tyrants for the Happi... ca. 1792. Creator: Anon
Landscape with a hidden silhouette of Louis XVI, 1794-1815. 1794-1815. Creator: Anon
The Weeping Willow with hidden silhouettes of the Royal family, 1795. 1795. Creator: Anon
The last words of Louis XVI (Testament de Louis XVI), 1793-1800. 1793-1800. Creator: Anon
The Medley (Handkerchief), England, 1792 / 95. Creator: William Gilpin
Le Bastille Demolité(Fall of the Bastille) (Furnishing Fabric), England, c. 1790
The Inauguration of The Port of Cherbourg by Louis XVI (Furnishing Fabric), Nantes, c
Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, and Louis-Charles, 1793. Creator: Jacob Adam
Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Creator: Unknown
Louis-Auguste, Dauphin de France, 1770. Creator: Louis Marin Bonnet
The Zenith of French Glory; - the Pinnacle of Liberty, February 12, 1793
Print of a Portrait Medal of Louis XVI, possibly 1789-90
Portrait of Louis XVI, late 18th century. Creator: Unknown
Caricature Showing Louis XVI as a Ram, 18th century. Creator: Unknown
Charles Claude de Flahaut (1730-1809), Comte d Angiviller, 1763. Creator: Jean-Baptiste Greuze
Louis XVI, (1754-1793), 1830. Creator: Unknown
Marie Antoinette Taking Leave of the Mother, (1770), 1890. Creator: Unknown
Ludwig XVI, (1933). Creator: Unknown
Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, late 18th century (1894)
Execution of Louis XVI of France, Paris, 21st January 1793 (1882-1884)
Konig Ludwig XVI, von Frankreich 1754-1793. - Gemalde von Duplessis, 1934
Marie Leczinska, c1748. Artist: Maurice-Quentin de La Tour
Trial of Louis XVI of France, 1792 (1905)
Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), Queen of France, 1937. Artist: Alexander K MacDonald
Grace Dalrymple Elliott (1758-1823) was a Scottish socialite and courtesan, 1906
Marie-Louise-Elisabeth de Maille, comtesse de Sorans, ((1742-1812), 1763 (1906)
Marie Antoinettes bedroom, Palace of Fontainebleau, France, late 19th or early 20th century
Louis XVI. Gold Repeater, (c.1770), Old Chelsea Porcelain Porringer and Cover, (c.1710), 1903
Marie Antoinette, Queen Consort of Louis XVI of France, (1843)
Proclamation of the order for the execution of Louis XVI of France, 1793 (1894)
Chateau de Versailles, France, 1937. Artist: Martin Hurlimann
Louis XVI, King of France
Louis XVI, King of France.Artist: Barbant
Louis XVI, King of France, (1816)
Countess de la Motte, late 18th century
Costume During The Time Of Louis XVI, (1885). Artist: Durin
French costume: Louis XVI, (1882)
Portrait of the King Louis XVI, 1770s. Artist: Joseph Siffred Duplessis
The Coronation of Louis XVI of France, 1775. Artist: Jean-Michel Moreau
Louis XVI, King of France, (1804).Artist: J Chapman
Louis XVI, King of France, (1814).Artist: Edward Topham
Execution of Louis XVI, 1793
View of the Tapis Vert in Versailles, 19th century. Artist: Fanny Robert
The Duc de Berry, later King Louis XVI, aged 15, c1769. Artist: Louis Michel van Loo
Louis XVI received by the new Mayor of Paris, July 17 1789, (19th / early 20th century). Artist: Jean-Paul Laurens
Execution by guillotine of Louis XVI of France, Paris, 21 January 1793 (1790s)
Portrait of Queen Marie Antoinette of France, 1775. Artist: Jean-Baptiste Andre Gautier d Agoty
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, King and Queen of France, 1795
Louis XVI at the Bar of the National Convention, December 26th 1792 (1796)
Les Trois Epoques, Revolution of 1830, Paris
Louis XVI, King of France, 1783. 1783. Creator: Anon
Portrait of Marie Antoinette, 1786-1800. Creator: John Curtis
Louis XVI taking leave of his family previous to his execution, (1782), 1816. Creator: Unknown

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