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John Bull Gallery

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The Modern Job! Or John Bull and his Comforts!, 1816
The Present State of Great Britain, 1779. Creator: James Phillips
Laceing [sic] a Dandy, January 26, 1819. January 26, 1819. Creator: Anon
Partition of China at the time of the Boxer Rebellion, 1900
A New Piece, 1882. Artist: Joseph Swain
An Ugly Rush!, 1870. Artist: Joseph Swain
A Tète à Tète Conversation on Recent Events, published April 19, 1805
Hungry Rats in an Empty Barn, published March 1806. Creator: Charles Williams
John Bull's First Visit to his Old Friend the New Secretary, published March 3, 1806
The Brazen Image Erected on a Pedestal Wrought by Himself, published May 29, 1802
Leap Year, published March 1816. Creator: Charles Williams
Design for the Prospectus of the Savoy, I, 1895. Creator: Aubrey Beardsley
Contents Page of The Savoy No 1, 1895. Creator: Aubrey Beardsley
John Bull and His Friends Commemorating the Peace, ca. 1801. Creator: Piercy Roberts
Peace and Plenty or Good News for John Bull!!!, May 25, 1814. Creator: George Cruikshank
Boney Bothered or an Unexpected Meeting, July 9, 1808. Creator: Charles Williams
John Bull Viewing Billy's Preparations for his Birth-day, May 18, 1802
The New Parliament Pudding or John Bull's Treat, ca. 1832. Creator: Unknown
John Bull, with open mouth, is ready to swallow any quantity of Railroad, 1845
John Bull at the Italian Opera, October 2, 1811. October 2, 1811
The New Property Tax Paying His Respects To John Bull, April 16, 1806. April 16, 1806
John Bulls Turnpike Gate, May 15, 1805. May 15, 1805. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
John Bull in the Year 1800! John Bull in the year 1801!, October 12, 1801
A Poney Race for a Saddle (a Seat) at Cambridge, 1834. Creator: John Doyle
Funcking the Corsican, pub. 1813 (hand coloured engraving). Creator: Thomas Rowlandson
An Hieroglyphic for 1830, pub. 1830 (hand coloured engraving). Creator: William Heath
The Consular Warehouse or a Great Man nail'd to the Counter, pub. 1802 (hand coloured engraving)
Doctor Boney_bringing the Powers to Pot... 1808 (hand coloured engraving). Creator
The Beard and Moustache Movement, 1854. Artist: George Cruikshank
The Cats let out of the bag or the Rats in Dismay, 1811
A Design for an Album, 1835
Consular Coachmanship!!, 1803
The Death of the Property Tax!! or 37 Mortal Wounds for Ministers and the Inquisitional
Bravuras. Rival Syrens or John Bulls rehearsal of Capt. Macheath, 1807
John Bull the Leviatan of the Ocean or the French Fleet sailing into the Mouth of
John Bull going to the Wars, c18th century, (1902). Artist: James Gilray
Urbi et Orbi, 1889
John Arbuthnot, Scottish physician, satirist, mathematician and polymath (1906)
Stand Back!, John Bull helps little Belgium to bar the German invader, First World War, 1914
Queen Elizabeth II (b1926), 1953
Vacation Amusements No 4, 1840. Artist: John Doyle
Income Tax, 1798
The Irish Horse and Master (?), 1885. Artist: John Tenniel
Great Cattle Show, 1850
Lydia Ernestine Becker (1827-1890), British advocate of female suffrage, 1870
Convention-al Politeness, 1887. Artist: Joseph Swain
An Appeal from Science, 1887. Artist: Edward Linley Sambourne
Sending Round the Hat, 1887. Artist: Joseph Swain

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