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King Charles Spaniels (The Cavaliers Pets), 1845, (c1915). Artist: Edwin Henry Landseer
Christmas Eve, c1915. Artist: Stanhope A Forbes
Diana of the Uplands, 1903-1904, (c1915). Artist: Charles Wellington Furse
Sir Isumbras at the Ford, 1857, (c1915). Artist: John Everett Millais
The Laughing Cavalier, 1624, (c1915). Artist: Frans Hals
The Milkmaid, 1860, (c1915). Artist: Birket Foster
Strand on the Green Chiswick, 1905, (c1915). Artist: Edward Charles Clifford
The Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba, 1648, (c1915). Artist: Claude Lorrain
Autumn Leaves, 1856, (c1915). Artist: John Everett Millais
The Moss at Poolewe, 1913, (c1915). Artist: Joseph Farquharson
Charge of the French Cuirassiers at Waterloo, 1874, (c1915). Artist: Felix Henri Emmanuel Philippoteaux
Mrs Johnstone and her Son (?), 1775-1780, (c1915). Artist: George Romney
On Walberswick Pier, c1887, (c1915). Artist: Philip Wilson Steer
The Poppy Field, c1900, (c1915). Artist: George Hitchcock
A Cottage Madonna, c1915. Artist: Bernard De Hoog
The Horse Fair, 1855, (c1915). Artists: Rosa Bonheur, Nathalie Micas
Woodcutters, late 1840s, (c1915). Artist: Constant Troyon
Punch or May Day, 1829, (c1915). Artist: Benjamin Robert Haydon
Portrait of the Artist, after 1782, (c1915). Artist: Madame Vigee Lebrun
Sheltered Pastures, c1900. Artist: Sir Ernest Albert Waterlow
The Frigidarium, 1890, (c1915). Artist: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Mrs. Robinson (Perdita), 1781, (c1915). Artist: Thomas Gainsborough
Salisbury Cathedral, 1823, (c1915). Artist: John Constable
The Union: Thistle, Rose, Shamrock, c1850. Artist: William Charles Ross
Flemish Interior, c1915. Artist: Richard Burnier
Making Jam, 1880, (c1915). Artist: Pierre Edouard Frere
Meal Time, c1850, (c1915). Artist: John Phillip
Trees Near Hampstead Church, 1829, (c1915). Artist: John Constable
A Maid of the Hostel, c1800. Artist: William John Wainwright
The Talking Oak (Tennyson), 1857, (c1915). Artist: William Maw Egley
Malvolio and the Countess, c1840, (c1915). Artist: Daniel Maclise
The Marriage of King George V, 1894, (c1915). Artist: Laurits Tuxen
The Graces, 1773, (c1915). Artist: Sir Joshua Reynolds
Lady Craven, 1778, (c1915). Artist: George Romney
My Mother, 1871, (c1915). Artist: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Catspaws off the Land, 1885, (c1915). Artist: Henry Moore
The Inside of a Stable, 1791, (c1915). Artist: George Morland
Flora, c1515-1517, (c1915). Artist: Titian
Dr. Johnson in Ante-Room of Lord Chesterfield, 1748, (c1915). Artist: Edward Matthew Ward
The Marquis De Pompadour, 1758, (c1915). Artist: Francois Boucher
London Bridge, 1893, (c1915)
A Musical Party, 1631, (c1915). Artist: Jacob van Velsen
Berwick Bridge, c1912, (c1915). Artist: David Young Cameron
The Violet Field, 1867, (c1915). Artist: Fred Walker
Blossoms, 1881, (c1915). Artist: Albert Moore
The Print Collector, c1850, (c1915). Artist: Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier
Miss Van Diest, c1800, (c1915). Artist: John Hoppner
Barncluith, Lanarkshire, c1915. Artist: George Samuel Elgood

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