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Horseback Gallery

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The Battle of San Romano, c1438, (1909). Artist: Paolo Uccello
Trotsky slaying the counter-revolutionary dragon (poster), 1918
Man and horse jumping a fence, 1887 Artist: Eadweard J Muybridge
Sir Isumbras at the Ford, 1857, (c1915). Artist: John Everett Millais
In Manus Tuas Domine!, 1879, (1918). Artist: Briton Riviere
Rupe Rupe (Fruit Gathering), 1899. Artist: Paul Gauguin
Horses with Jockeys, 1910. Artist: Edgar Degas
Queen Victoria at Osborne House, 1865 (1906)
Lord Methuen Rallying His Broken Forces at Tweebosch, 1902. Creator: Charles Mills Sheldon
Isandhlwana: The Dash with the Colours, 1879, (c1880)
Le Coup de Lance, 1620. Artist: Peter Paul Rubens
The Night Charge of the 19th Hussars Near Lydenberg on Nov. 7th 1900, 1901. Creator
A Horseman Trampling on a Fallen Foe, c1480 (1945). Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Crossing the Sands, Ulverston, c1834. Artist: David Cox the elder
Faerie Queene, c1900. Artist: Walter Crane
Rot the beggar exclaims Romford, 1865. Artists: John Leech, Hablot Knight Browne
Captain Spurrier cut down by Romford, 1865. Artists: John Leech, Hablot Knight Browne
Catherine the Great (1729-1796), Empress of Russia, 1937. Artist: Alexander K MacDonald
Cattistock, 1899. Artist: CG
Mousquetaires Noirs, petite tenue, 1814-15. Artist: Eugene Titeux
The Battle of San Romano, 1432 (c1435-1440). Artist: Paolo Uccello
General Methuen surrendering to de la Rey, 2nd Boer War, 7 March 1902
Hacklers Pride, c1860, (1911)
The Alpine Traveller, 1804. Artist: James Ward
At the Festival, 1911. Artist: Joza Uprka
Lord Howard of Effingham, c1600. Artist: Thomas Cockson
Droxford, Hampshire, 1905
Field Marshal Douglas Haig reviewing Canadian troops, Drocourt-Queant, 31 August 1918, (1926)
Macedonia revolt, 1903
Chasseurs a Cheval, (light cavalry), 1859. Artist: Auguste Raffet
[Wohlgerissene und geschnittene Figuren... ], ca. 1619-26. Creator: Melchior Lorck
Entrance to the Kasbah in Tetuan, figures sitting on the ground, others on horseback, ... ca. 1873
Guards on horseback at the entrance to the Kasbah in Tetuan, figures sitting on the gro, ca. 1873
Plate 18: Procession of the Spanish Prince Ferdinand into the city of Ghent, January 28, 1... 1636
Plate 16: Battle of Achilles against the Trojans; from Guillielmus Becanus's Serenissimi... 1636
Entry of Maximilian II into Nuremberg, June 7, 1570 Creator: Jost Ammon
Shield Knave: A Horseman, 1712 or later. Creator: Johannes Brandenberg
Ruins with Arched Vaults, from the series Roman Ruins and Buildings, 1562
Plate 27: Triumphal arch, elevation of the back, surmounted by allegorical figures and dec... 1636
Plate 4: The victory of Goleta, near Tunis, from the Triumphs of Charles V, 1614. Creator: Jacob III de Gheyn
Plate 4: The peace with the king of France in order to fight the Turks, from the Triumphs... 1614
Christ Carrying the Cross (copy), 1660-96. Creator: Johannes de Ram
Plate 22: Emperor Charles V, victory at Pavia; from Guillielmus Becanus's Serenissimi Pri... 1636
Plate 28: Mars on horseback at center, and Romulus and Remus with the wolf at lower left;... 1636
Allegory of the Triumph of the Netherlands over Spain, 1600. Creator: Jan Saenredam
Allegory of the Flourishing State of the United Provinces, 1602 Creator: Jan Saenredam
Procession of the Counts and Countess of Holland on Horseback: Mary of Burgundy, Maximilia... 1518
Beached Whale, 1598. Creator: Jacob Matham

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