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The Macnab, 1802. (1922). Artist: Henry Raeburn
Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson, 1798-1799, (c1920). Artist: Henry Bone
Boy with Rabbit, c1814 (1912).Artist: Henry Raeburn
Boxing, early 19th century, (1941). Creator: Henry Thomas Alken
Amundsens Tent at the South Pole, January 1912, (1913). Artist: Henry Bowers
The Officers of the Terra Nova, 1912 Voyage, (1913). Artist: Herbert Ponting
Rustic sports in the Park - north view of Harewood House, 1845. Creator: Unknown
Sir Henry Capel (1638-1696). Creator: Peter Lely
Wilson, Bowers, and Cherry-Garrard on Their Return from Cape Crozier, 1 August 1911, (1913)
Bowers, Wilson, and Cherry-Garrard About To Leave For Cafe Crozier, 27 June 1911, (1913)
Stags heads, 1898.Artist: Henry Moore
JJ Thomson, British nuclear physicist, 1898
Rue De La Grosse Horloge, Rouen, 1821. Artist: Henry Edridge
Members of the Polar Party Having A Meal in Camp, c1911, (1913)
Frances, Countess of Surrey, c1532-1533 (1945). Artist: Hans Holbein the Younger
William Hobson of Markfield, c1790. Artist: Henry Raeburn
Hadgi (Mecca pilgrims) encamped near Antioch, on the banks of the Orontes, Turkey, 1841.Artist: Henry Adlard
Henry Charles Keith Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne, 1920. Artist: Philip A de Laszlo
Henry Darwin tailors shop, Birmingham, 19th century.Artist: T Underwood
Siege scene, c1260, (1843).Artist: Henry Shaw
The Canterbury Pilgrimage, late 15th century, (1843).Artist: Henry Shaw
At The South Pole, (Bowers pulls the string), January 1912, (1913). Artist: Henry Bowers
Chirk Aqueduct on the Ellesmere Canal, c1829. Artist: Thomas Barber
John Boko Cobham, a king of Old Calabar (Southern Nigeria), 1912. Artist: Harry Johnston
Arthur Draws the Sword from the Stone, 1911. Artist: Walter Crane
Tossing for Innings, 19th century (1912).Artist: Henry Dixon
The Nightmare, c1790. Artist: Henry Fuseli
Death of Henry Percy (Harry Hotspur) at the Battle of Shrewsbury, 21 July 1403, (c1860)
Crawley (An Excursion to Brighthelmstone), June 1, 1790. June 1, 1790
Outside Half Hanger, Hanging Guard, Inside Half Hanger, September 1, 1798
William Pitt, the Younger, Addressing the Commons, 1793, (1947). Creator: Anton Hickel
The Philistines took him, and put out his eyes, mid 19th century. Creator: WH Egleton
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene, 1922. Creator: Henry Traut
Episode on the Way of the Cross, 1922. Creator: Henry Traut
Jesus before Herod, 1922. Creator: Henry Traut
Expulsion of the moneylenders, 1922. Creator: Henry Traut
Jesus carrying the cross, 1922. Creator: Henry Traut
Portrait of Henry Hudson, English navigator in ruff, 1609, (1937). Creator: Unknown
Rough Weather in the Mediterranean, 1874, (c1930). Creator: Henry Moore
Title page of the Holy Bible, c1817. Creator: Eldridge
The Last Rest (The Grave of Scott, Wilson and Bowers), November 1912, (1913)
Sir Galahad is brought to the Court of King Arthur, 1911. Artist: Walter Crane
King Arthur asks the Lady of the Lake for the sword Excalibur, 1911. Artist: Walter Crane
Saturday Night in the Vale, 1928-9. Artist: Henry Tonks
Kensington Palace. The Sussex Library, c1841. Artist: Henry Melville
Dante and Beatrice, 1883, (1912).Artist: Henry Holiday
Parliament at Hongo, Florida, Solomon Island, 1892. Artist: Dr Welchman
Viaduct on the Baltimore & Washington Railroad, c1838. Artist: Henry Adlard

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