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Fighting Gallery

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The Athlete Wrestling with a Python, c1880-1882. Artist: A Gilbert
The second fight between Harry Paulson and Tom Paddock, 1851 (late 19th or early 20th century).Artist: Pugnis
The Battle of Naseby, 1645, 1727, (1944). Creator: Dupuis
Death to World Imperialism, poster, 1919. Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor
The Battle of San Romano, c1438, (1909). Artist: Paolo Uccello
The Speedy and El Gamo, c1802. Artist: Nicholas Pocock
The Sortie Made by the Garrison of Gibraltar, 1789. Creator: John Trumbull
Boxing, early 19th century, (1941). Creator: Henry Thomas Alken
Quarreling and scuffling in a womens bathhouse, Japan.Artist: Yoshiiku
The Battle of Towton, 29 March 1461, (c1920)
Battle at the Porte St Denis, 28th July, 1830, Paris. Artist: Hippolyte Lecomte
The Gordon Highlanders. How Piper Findlater won the V.C. at Dargai, 1897, (1939)
Battle of Waterloo, 18 June 1815 (1888). Artist: John Atkinson II
Crescent Regt. of New Orleans in the 'Hornets Nest', 1887
The Dragon Devouring the Companions of Cadmus, 1588. Creator: Hendrik Goltzius
A Cribbage Party in St. Giless Disturbed By A Press Gang, October 26, 1787
Heracles fighting the Nemean lion, Attic black-figure amphora from Vulci
Battle of Quatre Bras, 1815 (1906). Artist: Vereker Monteith Hamilton
The Battle of Texel, 1673 (c1920).Artist: Eugene Louis Gabriel Isabey
The Battle of Drumclog, 1679 (19th century).Artist: George Harvey
Performing bear in a Russian village, 1877
The Silver Age, 1527. Artist: Lucas Cranach the Elder
The Battle of San Romano, 1432 (c1435-1440). Artist: Paolo Uccello
Greek vase painting depicting Cadmus fighting the serpent, 4th century BC
Krishna Subduing Kaliya, the Snake Demon: Folio from a Bhagavata Purana Series, ca
There Was A Hand-To-Hand Struggle, 1902. Artist: WR Wollen
The seizure of Roger de Mortimer (1287-1330) at Nottingham Castle, 19th century.Artist: Noel Paton
Black Joke engaging the Spanish Slave Brig El Almirante, 1 February 1829, 1830. Artist: Edward Duncan
Scrimmage in New Caledonia; Some Account of New Caledonia, 1875. Creator: Unknown
Conflict between the Jaguar and Ant-Eater; A Trip up the Trombetas, 1875. Creator: Unknown
The Graphic, Front Cover January 2nd 1886, 1886. Creator: Unknown
Battle Between Peasants and Naked Men in a Forest, 1522. Creator: Master NH
Plate 16: Battle of Achilles against the Trojans; from Guillielmus Becanuss Serenissimi... 1636
Plate 6: the combat, 1635-60. Creator: Jacques Courtois
Plate 5: the wounded chief commander lies on the ground, while the battle goes on at ri... 1635-60
Cupid wrestling with Pan, amongst the clouds, with two allegorical women seated at le... 1598-1632
Death of Major Skene and his wife at Jhansi, 1857, (c1860)
The Capture of Marovoay by the French, Madagascar, 19th-20th century
The Triumph of Death, c1562. Artist: Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Death of Henry Percy (Harry Hotspur) at the Battle of Shrewsbury, 21 July 1403, (c1860)
The Archangel Michael and his angels fighting the dragon, 1865-1866. Artist: Gustave Dore
Richard I, Coeur de Lion at the Battle of Arsuf, 1191, (c1880)
Incident at the Battle of Isandlwana, Anglo-Zulu War, 22 January 1879. Artist: Charles Edwin Fripp
Hercules Fighting Aboard The Argonauts Ship, ca. 1542-45. Creator: Leon Davent
Ruan Xiao er (Ritchitaisai Genshoji), from the series 'One Hundred and Eight Heroes... c. 1827 / 30
Yang Zhi (Seimenju Yoshi), from the series 'One Hundred and Eight Heroes of the... c. 1827 / 30
Gamo Sadahides Servant, Toki Motosada, Hurling a Demon King to the Ground at Mount Inahan... 1890
Zhang Shun, the White Splash in the Waves, and Li Kui, the Black Whirlwind, in a... September 1887

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