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Sin Pursued by Death (John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book 2, 787, 790-792), November 27, 1804
The Weird Sisters (Shakespeare, MacBeth, Act 1, Scene 3), March 10, 1785. Creator: John Raphael Smith
Chrysogone Conceives, in a Ray of Sunshine, Amoretta and Belphoebe (Edmund Spenser, '... 1800-1810)
Sleeping Woman with a Cupid (Hush), 1780-90. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Seated Troubadour Looking at Woman Asleep on Ledge, n.d. Creator: Unknown
Descent to Hell, n.d. Creators: Henry Fuseli, Theodore Matthias von Holst
Sleeping Woman with a Cupid, 1780 / 90. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Heavenly Ganymede, plate XV from the second issue of Specimens of Polyautography, 1804
The Spirit of Knowledge, 1798. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Thetis Mourning the Body of Achilles, 1780. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Male Figure with Left Arm Raised Seen from the Back, and Fragment of Old Man, 1770 / 75
Odin in the Underworld, 1770 / 72. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Aided by Eeriboia, Hermes Carries Off the Exhausted Ares from the Sleeping Sons... 1819
Triumph of Death: Three Skeletons Invading a Bacchanal Orchestrated by a Magician or an
Heavenly Ganymede, 1804. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Study for Inquisition, Illustration to Columbiad, c. 1806. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Ugolino and His Sons Starving to Death in the Tower, 1806. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Hercules Killing the Mares of Diomedes, 1800 / 05. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Figure Studies (recto and verso), c. 1800. Creator: Henry Fuseli
The Duke of Gloucester Lying in Wait for Lady Anne at the Funeral Procession of Her
The Slaying of Red Comyn by Robert the Bruce, 1810-16. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Study of Ignudo in Sistine Chapel, Rome (recto); Paraphrase of the Ignudo Seated to... c
Studies of Nudes, n.d. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Portrait of a Woman (Martha Hess), 1781. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Sketch for Dido on the Funeral Pyre (recto); Erotic Sketch of Man and Woman (verso), c
The Cave of Despair, c. 1769. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Combat of Two Greeks, c. 1805. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Mezzetino, Fürstenberg, c. 1754. Creator: Fürstenberg Porcelain Factory
Etui, Fürstenberg, c. 1770. Creator: Fürstenberg Porcelain Factory
Columbine, Fürstenberg, c. 1754. Creator: Fürstenberg Porcelain Factory
Teapot, Fürstenberg, c. 1770. Creator: Fürstenberg Porcelain Factory
Cup and Saucer, Fürstenberg, Late 18th century. Creator
Vase, Fürstenberg, c. 1800. Creator: Fürstenberg Porcelain Factory
Milton Dictating to His Daughter, 1794. Creator: Henry Fuseli
Sketch for 'Oath on the Rütli, 'Female Figure (verso)
Head of a Damned Soul from Dantes 'Inferno, '(verso), 1770 / 78
Der Schweizerbund (The Oath on the Rütli), 1806. Creator: Franz Hegi
Der Tod des Oedipus (The Death of Oedipus), 1806. Creator: Franz Hegi
Henry Fuseli. Creator: Inigo Barlow
Mr. and Mrs. Furstenburg, 1895. Creator: Anders Leonard Zorn
Lear and Cordelia, 1784. Creator: John Raphael Smith
Belisane and Parcival under the Enchantment of Urma, 1782. Creator: John Raphael Smith
Fertilization of Egypt, 1791. Creator: William Blake
Das Neüe Modelbuch...Erster Theil, ca. 1660. Creator: Rosina Helena Fürst
The Daughter of Herodias (Salome Receiving the Head of John the Baptist
The Enchanted Island Before the Cell of Prospero - Prospero
Lais Taking Aristipp by Surprise, ca. 1801. Creator: Heinrich Friedrich Füger
Plate 7: Astronomia, from The Seven Liberal Arts, ca. 1628-66. ca. 1628-66

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