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Empress Of Russia Gallery

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Catherine the Great Visiting the Ice Mountain in Saint Petersburg, 1788. Artist: Paterssen, Benjamin (1748-1815)
Catherine II on the Balcony of the Winter Palace, Greeted by the Guards on the Day of the Palace Revolution on June 28
Portrait of Empress Catherine II (1729-1796), 1763. Artist: Rokotov, Fyodor Stepanovich (1735-1808)
Landscape containing fifteen silhouettes, 1793-1800. Creator: Anon
The Bombardment of All the Thrones of Europe and the Fall of the Tyrants for the Happi... ca. 1792. Creator: Anon
Flag of the Leib-Guard Preobrazhensky Regiment, 1742. Artist: Flags, Banners and Standards
Portrait of Empress Catherine the Great in her Coronation Robe. Artist: Erichsen, Vigilius (1722-1782)
Flag of the Grenadier Company of the Preobrazhensky Life Guard Regiment, 1744. Artist: Anonymous master
Grand Duke Alexander Alexandrovich of Russia, c1860-c1862
Plate, Sèvres, 1778. Creators: Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory
Empress of Russia, 1860-69. Creator: Émile Desmaisons
Flintlock Fowling Piece Given by the Empress Catherine II of Russia to the French
Portrait of Empress Anna Ioannovna (1693-1740), 1733. Artist: Mentzel (Menzel), Johann Georg
Katharina I, (1933). Creator: Unknown
Katharina II, (1933). Creator: Unknown
Portrait of Ivan Ivanovich Betskoi (1704-1795), with a compass and other instruments, 18th century
Fireworks on the birthday of Emperor Peter III on February 10, 1762 in Tsarskoye Selo, 1762
Fireworks on the occasion of the coronation of Empress Catherine II in September 1762 in Moscow
Fireworks on the occasion of the conclusion of peace between Russia and Sweden on July 16
Fireworks on the Neva in St. Petersburg on New Years Eve, January 1, 1755, 1755
Map of the European Russia, 1766
The Coronation Scene of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna in the Cathedral of the Dormition
Portrait of Prince Grigory Alexandrovich Potyomkin (1739-1791), before 1792
Portrait of Empress Elizabeth of Russia (1709-1762), Mid of the 18th cen
The edict of Empress Anna Ioannovna (1693-1740), 1733
Portrait of the Grand Duchess Ekaterina Alekseyevna (1729-1796), c. 1745
Portrait of Grand Duke Pyotr Fyodorovitch and Grand Duchess Catherine Alekseyevna, 1756
The Imperial Crown of Catherine II the Great
Map of Petersburg, 1777
Map of Petersburg, ca 1762
Map of Petersburg, 1776
Ice castle built for Empress Anna Ioannovna during the Month of January of the Year 1740
Teaching hour of Empress Catherine II
Portrait of Grand Duchess Elisabeth Petrovna (1709-1761)
Fireworks on the Occasion of the Wedding of Grand Duke Pyotr Fyodorovitch and Grand Duchess Catherin
Allegory of the Empress Catherine II with the Text of Nakaz (Instructions)
Russian language lesson of Empress Catherine II, 1894. Artist: Klodt, Mikhail Petrovich, Baron (1835-1914)
Portrait of Empress Elisabeth (1709-1762), 1750s. Artist: Prenner, Georg Kaspar, von (1720-1766)
Catherine II as Minerva. Cameo, Last quarter of 18th century. Artist: Maria Feodorovna of Russua
Catafalque for the Empress Catherine the Great (1729-1796), 1796. Artist: Brenna, Vincenzo (1745-1820)
The first decree of Empress Elisabeth (1709-1762) with Seal, 1744. Artist: Historical Document
Empress Elisabeth (1709-1762) with a Arab boy. Artist: Grooth, Georg-Christoph (1716-1749)
Anna Ioannovna tearing to the Conditions, 1730. Artist: Chorikov, Boris Artemyevich (1802-1866)
Fireworks on the occasion of the coronation of Anna Ioannovna on April 30, 1730, 1730. Artist: Anonymous
Nakaz (Instructions) of Catherine the Great to the Legislative Commission of 1767, 1767. Artist: Historical Document
Portrait of Empress Catherine II (1729-1796), 1794. Artist: Lampi, Johann-Baptist von, the Elder (1751-1830)
Portrait of Empress Catherine II (1729-1796), 1780s. Artist: Rokotov, Fyodor Stepanovich (1735-1808)
Fireworks at Kaniow in honor of Catherine II in 1787, 1787. Artist: Plersch, Jan Bogumil (1732?1817)

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