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View of the fort at al- Ain from the courtyard, showing wind tower
One of a group of silver coins in both Greek and local styles found at Ad-Dour in
Brass hornbill-spouted coffee pot, dallah, of the type once found throughout the Emirates
Silver necklace
Northwest entrance of Hili tomb, a multiple grave within a pillbox-shaped structure
Tradition and modern living in Abu Dhabi
Fisherman repairing nets, Fujairah Emirate
Aerial view of the coastal waters of the Gulf
A dhow leaving Dubai Creek early in the morning
Traditional well-mechanism, Abu Dhabi
Young woman wearing elaborate earrings and jewellery
Young women wearing traditional costumes and jewellery
Young women during a musical performance
Fishermen drying sardines on the beach on Fujairah city
Communications relay station, Abu Dhabi Emirate
Part of the ground station for satellite communications - Earth Station'
A sudden but controlled escape of liquid gas burns off as a huge fireball
The southeast entrance of Hili tomb, a multiple grave within a pillbox-shaped structure
A party of Bedouin seated conversing in the shade of a tree in the desert while their
Folio from an C18th astronomical manuscript illustrating the relative positions of the sun
The wedge shaped tower of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry outlined against the sky
Water taxis at work by Deira wharf, Dubai
Cabbage field at Liwa oasis
A model dhow
A model dhow
An aerial view of a delta near Abu Dhabi
Sunset over the desert
Young woman wearing silver bridal headdress and gold jewellery
The watchman and caretaker of Bithna fort in the hills of Fujairah
The urafaa, wise men who oversee the distribution of water at al- Ain oasis
A party of Bedouin returns home from a day spent in the desert
Burning or cauterizing with hot irons
Camel train crossing sand dunes in the desert
Two women wearing black veils and burqa face masks prepare coloured braids
Young woman wearing a gilded burqa or face mask
The ancient median of al-Shwaiheen, Sharjah photographed by the light of a full moon
Young woman wearing an elaborate silver headdress and jewellery of the type used
Young woman holding an elaborate gold belt
The crest of a dune in the Rub al-Khali - the Empty Quarter
The double-horned rahl, or North Arabian camel saddle, introduced after about 500 BC
Three handled storage jar from the ruins of ancient Julfar in Ras al-Khaimah
Tradition meets modern life
Bone inlay figure, perhaps a furniture inlay, with raised arms in a posture of salutation
Sand dunes at Liwa on the edge of the Rub al-Khali, the Empty Quarter
An aerial view of an island off the coast of Fujairah emirate
At night electric lights mark out the route of the serpentine new road to the summit
Bithna fort at the foot of a mountain range in Fujairah emirate
Detail from a medical manuscript by an unknown author

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