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popular art/girl pearl earring c1665 artist jan vermeer
Popular Art
#media dmcs-14841881
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1950s retro/drapers shop 1951 creator shirley markham
1950s Retro
#media dmcs-18265691
22 Items
christmas/christmas america 1919
#media dmcs-15346770
29 Items
great days yachting/1894 built schooner xarifa sail 1899 creator
The Great Days of Yachting
#media dmcs-15513668
105 Items
women jazz/esperanza spalding love supreme jazz festival
Women in Jazz
#media dmcs-15140150
28 Items
pyrrhus king epirus c1930 creator unknown
'Pyrrhus, King of Epirus', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910758
dona isabel cobos porcel c1805 1946
'Dona Isabel Cobos De Porcel', c1805, (1946). Creator: Francisco Goya
#media dmcs-18910756
the melon eaters c1650 1946 creator
'The Melon Eaters', c1650, (1946). Creator: Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
#media dmcs-18910754
a monarch rail 1930 creator unknown
'A Monarch of the Rail', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910752
cafe receipt 1950 creator unknown
Cafe receipt, 1950. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910750
a greathead shield excavating tube tunnel 1930
'A Greathead Shield: Excavating a Tube Tunnel', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910748
a logging railway british coumbia 1930
'A Logging Railway, British Coumbia', 1930. Creator: ENA
#media dmcs-18910746
electro mechanical signal cabin victoria
'Electro-Mechanical Signal Cabin at Victoria, Southern Railway', 1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910744
an english ship armada fight c1930 creator
'An English Ship in the Armada Fight', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910742
a tea car london north eastern railway 1930
'A Tea Car, London and North Eastern Railway', 1930. Creator: Alfieri
#media dmcs-18910740
a queue holiday makers waiting trains waterloo station
'A Queue of Holiday-Makers Waiting for Trains at Waterloo Station, London', 1930
#media dmcs-18910738
a picturesque railway creator underwood
'A Picturesque Railway', Creator: Underwood & Underwood
#media dmcs-18910736
william churchs steam road carriage running
'William Church's Steam Road Carriage Running Between London and Birmingham'
#media dmcs-18910734
down sheffield pullman express london north
'Down Sheffield Pullman Express, London and North Eastern Railway', 1930
#media dmcs-18910732
a size model stephensons rocket alongside
'A full size model of Stephenson's Rocket alongside an engine of the "George
#media dmcs-18910730
dublin belfast express great northern ireland railway
'Dublin-Belfast Express, Great Northern of Ireland Railway', 1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910728
english ships war boston where tea party
'English Ships of War at Boston (Where The 'Tea-Party' Took Place) In 1768'
#media dmcs-18910726
digging washing gold australia 1851 c1930
'Digging and Washing For Gold In Australia In 1851', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910724
how ancient egyptian painted coming israelites egypt
'How An Ancient Egyptian Painted The Coming Of The Israelites Into Egypt', c1930
#media dmcs-18910722
a great gothic building cathedral rheims
'A Great Gothic Building: The Cathedral at Rheims, Built in the 13th and 14th Centuries'
#media dmcs-18910720
shore lark late 19th century creator unknown
'Shore Lark', late 19th century. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910718
the great emperor akbar enters city state
'The Great Emperor Akbar Enters His City in State', 1572, (1590-1595), (c1930)
#media dmcs-18910716
winnipeg to day looking main street
'Winnipeg To-Day; Looking Up Main Street. - The Rapid Growth of Modern Canada'
#media dmcs-18910714
the embarkation william orange holland england
'The Embarkation of William of Orange from Holland for England, 1688', c1930
#media dmcs-18910712
the sun king louis xiv france brilliant court
'The "Sun" King Louis XIV, Of France, With His Brilliant Court'
#media dmcs-18910710
the great nobles hungary oath loyalty maria theresa
'The Great Nobles of Hungary Take the Oath of Loyalty to Maria 1740'
#media dmcs-18910708
a sea fight admiral blake dutch c1930
'A Sea-Fight Between Admiral Blake and the Dutch', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910706
philip ii spain netherlands c1930 creator
'Philip II. Of Spain and the Netherlands', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910704
king henry viii meetingfrancis the
'King Henry VIII. Meeting...Francis at the...Field of the Cloth of Gold'
#media dmcs-18910702
cosmo medici wise men c1930 creator unknown
'Cosmo De Medici as One of the Wise Men', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910700
a great church renaissance st peters rome
'A Great Church of the Renaissance: St. Peter's, Rome...', c1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910698
sir francis drake c1930 creator unknown
Sir Francis Drake, c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910696
joan arc comes court french king c1930
'Joan of Arc Comes to the Court of the French King', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910694
methods warfare years war c1400 c1930
'Methods of Warfare During The Hundred Years' War', c1400, (c1930). Creator
#media dmcs-18910692
john huss condemned led execution c1930
'John Huss Condemned and Led To Execution', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910690
an early printers office c1930 creator
'An Early Printer's Office', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910688
martin luther 1529 c1930 creator unknown
Martin Luther, 1529, (c1930). Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910686
dante purgatory sees vision beatrice c1930
'Dante in Purgatory Sees The Vision of Beatrice', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910684
st francis assisi takes lady poverty bride c1930
'St. Francis of Assisi Takes the 'Lady Poverty' To Be His Bride', c1930
#media dmcs-18910682
st louis king france crosses sea holy land
'St. Louis, King of France, Crosses the Sea to the Holy Land', 13th century
#media dmcs-18910680
a pilgrimage great mohammedan shrine mecca c1930
'A Pilgrimage to the Great Mohammedan Shrine at Mecca', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910678
crusaders saracens battle c1930 creator
'Crusaders and Saracens in Battle', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910676
charles great c1930 creator unknown
'Charles the Great', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910674
the church st ambrose milan c1930 creator
'The Church of St. Ambrose at Milan', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910672
soldiers famous praetorian guard rome c1930
'Soldiers of the Famous Praetorian Guard at Rome', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910670
a portion great wall built tyne solway firth
'A Portion of the Great Wall Built from the Tyne to Solway Firth by the Emperor
#media dmcs-18910668
the roman empire augustus c1930 creator
'The Roman Empire Under Augustus', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910666
a view appian way to day c1930 creator
'A View on the Appian Way As It Is To-Day', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910664
the temple greek colony agrigentum sicily c1930
'The Temple of the Greek Colony at Agrigentum in Sicily', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910662
how ancient egyptian painted coming israelites egypt
'How An Ancient Egyptian Painted The Coming Of The Israelites Into Egypt', c1930
#media dmcs-18910660
how ancient egyptian painted coming israelites egypt
'How An Ancient Egyptian Painted The Coming Of The Israelites Into Egypt', c1930
#media dmcs-18910658
the pyramid tomb king khufu great sphinx gizeh
'The Pyramid Tomb of King Khufu and the Great Sphinx at Gizeh, Egypt', c1930
#media dmcs-18910656
the agony garden gethsemane 1590s 1946
'The Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane', 1590s, (1946)
#media dmcs-18910654
saint michael triumphs devil 1468 1946
Saint Michael Triumphs over the Devil, 1468, (1946). Creator: Bartolome Bermejo
#media dmcs-18910652
the lady fan c1640 1946 creator diego
'The Lady with a Fan', c1640, (1946). Creator: Diego Velasquez
#media dmcs-18910650
the execution charles i whitehall 30th january 1649
'The Execution of Charles I. in Whitehall, 30th January 1649', c1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910648
the spaniards capture antwerp long struggle dutch
'The Spaniards Capture Antwerp In Their Long Struggle With The Dutch', 1576
#media dmcs-18910646
receipt hubbards department store 1921
Receipt from Hubbard's department store, 1921. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910644
butchers receipt 1940 creator unknown
Butcher's receipt, 1940. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910642
old blacksmiths shop marriage room gretna green
Old Blacksmith's Shop and Marriage Room, Gretna Green, Scotland, 1940s? Creator
#media dmcs-18910640
london new york telephone service c1930
'London-New York Telephone Service', c1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910638
an electric suspension mono rail system 1930
'An Electric Suspension Mono-Rail System', 1930. Creator: ENA
#media dmcs-18910636
dining car london midland scottish railway 1930
'Dining-Car, London Midland and Scottish Railway', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910634
alloa swing bridge 1930 creator unknown
'Alloa Swing Bridge', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910632
the forth bridge 1930 creator valentine
'The Forth Bridge', 1930. Creator: Valentine & Sons
#media dmcs-18910630
rotary snow plough blue canyon california
'Rotary Snow Plough at Blue Canyon, California (Southern Pacific Railway)', 1930
#media dmcs-18910629
victoria station bombay 1930 creator
'Victoria Station, Bombay', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910627
a canadian pacific transcontinental express 1930
'A Canadian Pacific Transcontinental Express', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910625
central hall pennsylvania station new york
'Central Hall, Pennsylvania Station, New York (Pennsylvania Railroad Company)'
#media dmcs-18910623
cranes work accident 1930 creator unknown
'Cranes At Work After An Accident', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910621
diagram new tube station oxford circus 1930
'Diagram of New Tube Station at Oxford Circus', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910619
a model post office tube railway 1930
'A Model of the Post Office Tube Railway', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910617
dynamos great underground generating station lots road
'Dynamos at the Great Underground Generating Station at Lots Road, Chelsea', 1930
#media dmcs-18910615
under underground beneath district railway electric car
'Under the Underground: Beneath a District Railway Electric Car', 1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910613
the new piccadilly circus tube station 1930
'The New Piccadilly Circus Tube Station', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910611
on arth rigi railway 1930 creator ag werthi
'On the Arth-Rigi Railway', 1930. Creator: A.G Werthi
#media dmcs-18910609
traffic controllers office london underground railways
'Traffic Controller's Office, London Underground Railways', 1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910607
a contractors engine swung canyon rio grande river
'A Contractor's Engine Being Swung Across A Canyon, Rio Grande River, New Mexico'
#media dmcs-18910605
a gigantic goods train fifty four vans drawn engine
'A Gigantic Goods Train of Fifty-Four Vans Drawn By One Engine, Chicago and North
#media dmcs-18910603
interior great western booking office 1930
'Interior of a Great Western Booking-Office', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910597
old new 1930 creator unknown
'Old and New', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910589
electrically equipped train kitchen london
'Electrically Equipped Train Kitchen, London and North Eastern Railway', 1930
#media dmcs-18910581
a steel car new york underground elevated
'A Steel Car, New York Underground and Elevated Electric Railways', 1930
#media dmcs-18910573
interior pullman car marjorie southern railway 1930
'Interior of Pullman Car, "Marjorie", Southern Railway', 1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910571
restaurant car long distance train south
'Restaurant Car on a Long-Distance Train, South African Railways', 1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910569
the southern belle southern railway 1930
'The "Southern Belle" (Southern Railway)', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910567
train movement diagram signal box metropolitan railway
'Train Movement Diagram in Signal-Box, Metropolitan Railway', 1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910565
electric lamp signals shades day use baker
'Electric Lamp Signals, with Shades for Day Use, at Baker Street Station, Metropolitan
#media dmcs-18910563
recording daily time signal liverpool street station
'Recording Daily Time Signal at Liverpool Street Station, London and North Eastern Railway'
#media dmcs-18910561
overhead electric parcel carrier victoria station
'Overhead Electric Parcel Carrier, Victoria Station, Manchester', 1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910559
a early railway station 1930 creator unknown
'A Very Early Railway Station', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910557
passengers luggage talbot road station
'Passengers' Luggage at Talbot Road Station, Blackpool, in the Holiday Season'
#media dmcs-18910555
piles luggage charing cross station 1930
'Piles of Luggage at Charing Cross Station', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910553
a new york chicago express 1930 creator
'A New York-Chicago Express', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910551
the wonderful trans andine railway 1930
'The Wonderful Trans-Andine Railway', 1930. Creator: ENA
#media dmcs-18910549
train passing viaduct mount lofty range
'Train Passing Over Viaduct, Mount Lofty Range, South Australia', 1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910547
the cornish riviera express great western railway
'The "Cornish Riviera" Express (Great Western Railway)', 1930. Creator
#media dmcs-18910545
express train bombay baroda central india railway 1930
'Express Train, Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910543
locomotive royal saloon london birmingham railway
'Locomotive and Royal Saloon, London and Birmingham Railway, 1843', 1930
#media dmcs-18910541
puffing billy 1930 creator unknown
'Puffing Billy', 1930. Creator: Unknown
#media dmcs-18910539